The bearable lightness of being

July 17, 2011
Light Air by Crabby Jane

Have you ever held on to something too long,
letting it weigh you down in ways that you could not even see?

When all things are as they should be, there is a lightness in the air.
We breathe in buoyant breaths that infuse us with happiness.

I recently visited a home that for decades had a heavy, ponderous, oppressive air.

And then, things changed.

Suddenly, the air was weightless, relaxed, happy.

But it was difficult to recognize the darkness until the lightness appeared.
And then, it was so clear.

It’s the same with my own life.

“You seem more at ease than I have ever seen you,” a friend said the other day.
“You look so happy,” said someone else.
I hear these kinds of things often these days.

What they see is the absence of drag,
the weight of parts of life that had pulled me down
without my even recognizing it.

No drag now, only light air,
favorable winds and smooth sailing.

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