The beauty of Moroccan mosaics

March 21, 2012

These marvelous mosaics are everywhere in Morocco.
There’s no end to the variety of designs, the way the tiles are put together, the colors, the meaning.
We had a chance to visit one of the top pottery operations in Fes and see the artisans at work making tiles, at the wheel, and forming beautiful mosaic art. More on that process, with photos, later. First, though, take a look at some of the gorgeous mosaic art we’ve seen just in the past couple of days. With a little commentary every so often.
The beauty of Moroccan mosaic work is without parallel, and especially astonishing that so much of the work we saw was done by artisans many centuries ago.
Intricate and ornate designs….
Or plain and straightforward.
A dazzling diversity of design.
Vibrant colors, subdued hues…all kinds of tones, overtones, undertones.
We found mosaics in mosques, riads, hotels, synagogues, sidewalks, alleys, bathrooms — just about everywhere in Morocco.
Keep scrolling down to appreciate the beauty and variety of these marvelous –and often ancient– designs.
And they’re used for many purposes.
This holds a spotlight (above).
As I recall, this one’s in a mosque.
Beautiful mosaic displays on fountains old and newer.
Who wouldn’t want a piece of art like these fountains in their courtyard?
The black and white tiles below are from a floor. Just gorgeous.

One comment on “The beauty of Moroccan mosaics
  1. Cindy says:

    Lovely, artistic work. Timeless, obviously!

    This sounds insensitive, but we want to redo our master bath in the future and wouldn’t it be lovely to find an artistan of this calibar to take our project?

    I’m enjoying your vacation posts.

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