The best writing is personal writing

November 19, 2013



Not too long ago I blogged about writers I follow who have gone too far in their blogs. I felt they’d betrayed their partners and revealed too much personal information.  But I want to be clear:  I think good writing IS very personal.   But–to the writer.

The blogger who wrote about her husband’s epic fails in gift giving obviously felt hurt that he didn’t take the time to really hear her wants and needs, and then didn’t take them into account.  That’s the real issue.  The thing that hurts.  But the hurt wasn’t what came out. The spoiled, entitled brat came out.

And that’s the thing, really, isn’t it? Writing personally means writing about ourselves. Our feelings. What hurts US.  It’s not so much about how we were done wrong. It’s about what we feel. Ourselves.

Sometimes, we must dig pretty deep to find it. Past the blame, the giddiness, the entitled feelings.

The blogger who wrote explicitly about her sex life wasn’t really writing about that as much as she was writing out of her own insecurity. Her own need to reveal certain things, but to do so obtusely.  But the REAL blog post, the one I would have loved to have read, would’ve been the one about her insecurities about being older and monogamous. HER feelings. Not what she did in bed with her mate. (yawn)

I believe the best writing IS personal writing. Emotional writing. Writing our truths.

And that’s what I love about the quote up above, which is attributed to Ernest Hemingway:

Write hard and clear about what hurts.

3 comments on “The best writing is personal writing
  1. Julie Phelps says:

    Hemingway once again demonstrating his genius.
    As someone new to blogging I often find myself working out how to balance what I reveal about others as I try to share my own feelings. Your post feels like a positive and encouraging nudge toward the right path.
    I have not posted much after an unexpected hiatus as what I have wanted to share would necesssarily involve other people. Or so I thought.
    Now I realize it is OK to proceed without the details that identify specific individuals. My own emotional details are already out there. I have more to add and now feel I may proceed.

  2. Susan Cooper says:

    I think people can sometimes get so wrapped up in their blogs they do not realize who may be hurt by their writings. Blogging is a very personal thing and as with any personal information there are other people to consider. 🙂

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