The dance of marriage

April 16, 2011

A good marriage is the union of two forgivers.
-Roth Graham

In a good marriage, our partners
show us the places we need to grow.
That is, if we’re lucky.
And if we listen.

It’s a service, really.
Even when it doesn’t seem that way.
It’s done from love.
And listening is key.

Forgiveness enters into it when we’re clumsy
with expressing our thoughts, too free with our advice.

It’s easy to be bit heavy-handed in
“helping” a partner “grow.”

Which is why having that good relationship,
that forgiving one, is so important.

It’s a gift, really, forgiveness.

I’m lucky to have that kind of relationship.

But his forgiveness doesn’t absolve me
of working to lighten up.
Nor does mine absolve him of growth.

It’s a dance, really, marriage.
Sometimes you miss a step or two.
But with forgiveness,
you can recover quickly and get back into the rhythm.

Something to remember.

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