The Divine speaks in many voices

July 19, 2013
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Took this pic at my friend, L’s home. She has the gift.

If only it were this simple.

I remember a time in my young adulthood when I had no answers to big life questions in front of me, none at all. Oh, how I longed for a book of wisdom I could consult for direction. Didn’t books have everything?

At the time, I didn’t understand that I had all the reference book knowledge I wanted. It was completely accessible to me, if I only paid attention.  It’s called intuition, and it’s a gift given by the Divine.  If we still ourselves and listen, answers are clear.

The other day I was strolling around a little beach town when I saw this sign:

Capitola Shop

At Capitola Beach in California

I went in and sat down.  A middle-aged woman with straight, shoulder length grey hair was seated at a small table. She picked up a deck of well-worn tarot cards and began to shuffle through them. On their own volition, cards started jumping out, beginning with TRANSFORMATION and then the DEATH card.  Soon, eight Major Arcana cards had jumped out of the deck, which is a lot for a reading. Those are the cards given extra weight, those that indicate inner development; the Divine at work, presenting you with opportunities that you probably should pay attention to. And cards usually don’t jump out like mine did; they wait to be laid out. Already, this was interesting.

This card isn't as scary as it looks.

This card isn’t as scary as it looks. It often means something’s ending so something new can begin.

My first reading was in 1984. The reader told me I’d be leaving my little city, Tallahassee, very soon. Although I was separated from my then-husband, I had no plans to leave. She said I would be going on a business trip shortly (that was correct) and told me of the opportunity to move that would be presented to me there, and that I would take it.  Three months later I was living in California.  Skeptics would say I was suggestible. I say that there was nothing in my life that would predict I’d be up for quitting my very good job to move all by myself to a place where I knew no one –with no means of supporting myself. Of course, for those who do not believe, no explanation will suffice and those who do believe need no explanation. The bottom line is that I believe a good tarot reader can provide useful information.

After my beach reading I described to my husband what the cards had said. He’s not a believer, but he thought the reading accurately reflected what had been going on my life, things he and I had discussed for the past few months and even more in recent weeks.  I’m not sure how a person can be a non-believer after that, but of course, that’s his gig and not mine.

sun1 When the Divine invites you to look at life lessons, you might as well do it, because if you don’t, the pressure to do so doesn’t stop.

The card reader reminded me that the Divine will often push up obstacles in life to show what we should not do and invite us to remove the obstacles and move forward. She encouraged me to “be in your intuitive self” and step away from what’s not in my best interest.  When the DEVIL card showed itself, she said it indicated a  trickster and pointed out that sometimes I might think one thing is in my best interests, when really, it’s something else.  “Expect curveballs,” she said, regarding reaching fufillment, and “be radically honest” about who I am,  my needs and priorities. “Step away” from what’s not supporting my best interests. The whole package was wrapped in positive energy, a good sign.

She also told me to be careful what I asked for, as I might just get it.

Butterfly_Web_6That sounds pretty general, right?  Well, I’d love to give you chapter and verse detail about what’s been going on with me, but right now, I can’t. I have to be general.  But every bit of this reading reflected what’s been going on with me in excruciating detail. Not a single false note.

  • I AM in a period of deciding to end one thing in favor of another.
  • It’s true that two activities have competed and both seem like my destiny and path to fulfillment.
  • Intuitively, I know what I am supposed to do and only last week told my husband to remind me when I started waffling.
  • Obstacles WERE put in my path to get my attention, even as I tried to resist changing.
  • Good things began to happen in another path to help reinforce the idea of change.
  • It IS all wrapped in positive energy.

As a young woman, I was clueless about my intuitive self. I couldn’t hear my inner voice at all, even though it was there.   As an adult, though, I came to see the Divine at work, putting life lessons in my path and allowing me the opportunity to choose situations that would either support me or teach me. Once in a while, the Divine gets really frustrated when I’mstar-tattoo-design not listening, and figuratively slams me over the head with something so big it couldn’t fail to get my attention. One perfect example was bringing my first husband back into my life suddenly and in the most peculiar of ways just as I was preparing to marry someone else. It was a HUGE favor, that one. The impending marriage would’ve been rife with problems of all kinds, but I was walking down that path insistently, dodging gigantic boulders that I pretended weren’t there.  I absolutely know the Divine felt something gigantic and strange had to happen to shake me out of my delusion, and that’s what happened.

The other day someone told me that reconciliations like my husband’s and mine happen often. I disagree. Reconciliations may happen more often than we think, but the characteristics of ours were strange, sudden, impactful and clearly the Divine at work.   There were milestones I had to achieve along the way in order for me to be able to accept this gift. Other things had to happen. Unpredictable things. Strange things.  These are circumstances I understand only in retrospect.

Look around you. Your life is probably littered with life lessons that you may not be paying attention to. Signs and signals that nudge you toward one path or another.  I know I resisted mine for years, decades, even.

If your life seems to be plagued by consistent craziness, I’d say the Divine is telling you something has to change. If sticking to your usual way doesn’t move obstacles, you’ve got to shove them out of the way, yourself. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is just an exercise in futility. And frustration.

Some people who read this think that basing one’s life on superstition is silly. Or that tarot cards are the devil’s work.  Then again, they may be the same people who believe that a Virgin gave birth or that something written thousands of years ago as allegory should be literally followed. Or they speak in nonsense syllables they call “tongues.”

I say “whatever works.”  Assuming it works. How can you tell? Look at your life and its patterns. What do you see?

Truth is, we don’t need a tarot card reading to guide us in the right direction.That information is always available, thanks to the Divine. 

We just have to listen.





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  1. Love this. I have a strong rational side and an equally strong intuitive side. Though I try to get these two kids to play nicely together, sometimes Rational starts beating up on Intuitive. One time Ellen Stern, a lovely woman who led creativity/intuition groups with me, gave me a great tool for helping my Right Brain/Left Brain team to work together.

    She said that she had just asked herself, “What if I just let myself believe that my intuition is valid? Isn’t life more FUN that way?”

    Now I just have to keep remembering that FUN is okay.

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