The Dogpile

July 14, 2009


It is so hot and humid.

The worst of Florida happens every summer. Relentless, hot sun beating down and sticky humidity.

I am so looking forward to this being our last summer in Florida. I wasn’t planning on being here at all this summer, and if not for the intervention of Destiny, I’d be enjoying the cooler climes out west.

But instead, I’m enjoying the cool company of my cool FLH, and that’s a pretty good trade-off.

We’re back to Square One on the house situation. Someone else beat us to the punch on the one we were watching and thinking about making an offer on. Their offer was higher than our top price, so this was probably for the best.

I have to think that the right house just hasn’t turned up yet, and when it does, it’ll all fall into place.

Meanwhile, the whole real estate process has been the catalyst for some good discussions about our communications dynamics and also about our priorities. We have five pieces of property between us –and soon four, as one of his sold– and a lot to consider.

It’s looking like the entire menagerie could end up living here in my small Tampa house for a brief period. All four dogs and two cats. Plus the two of us.

As I step over the large furry mass that is Puddin’, crashed out wherever she wants, and I do mean wherever, it’s a little daunting to consider two more dogs that size (but with less fur) crashed out in this small house.

I must admit, it’s a lifestyle I hadn’t anticipated. But I love having Puddin’ here, and if one dog is great, four must be four times as great!

And no, the photo isn’t of our dogs.

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