The flavor of India

November 19, 2013

joint surgeonRemember how Maggie Smith came to India for orthopedic surgery in the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel?  Maybe this was her surgeon.

guy covered petalsSpeaking of marigolds, we’re told they are sacred because they are saffron-colored, which is a sacred color. We’ve been garlanded with them, they’re offered to the gods, they’re everywhere.

man turban whiteWe’ve seen some amazing turbans. And moustaches.

hanging sequinnyIndia has the best bling in the world.

men play instruMusic is everywhere, played on traditional instruments.

horse adornedDid I mention that horses, camels and cattle are blinged out, too? Even a few water buffalo.

herder2 goodOur Mercedes bus shares the roads with all kinds of animals and herders. This is a common sight.

pigeon housesThe Maharajah had to keep his carrier pigeons somewhere.

muslim boysIn Jaipur we saw quite a few Muslims. While everyone in our group is very nice and we get along well, I was saddened and pained to hear one person in our group make bigoted statements toward Muslims. Not every terrorist is a Muslim and not every Muslim is a terrorist.

rose pile taj lakeI can’t even tell you how many beautiful bowls of rose petals we’ve seen in our various hotels. Gorgeous.

gem workersAll gemstones except diamonds come through India, we were told. We visited a place where gems were cut, polished and set into jewelry. And then were given the “opportunity” to buy some. I resisted, but some didn’t.

tuktuk fullHow many people can you cram into a tuk-tuk? Our guide says the most he’s counted is 17. They’re made for three, I think.  Whenever I see one, which is all the time, I can’t help but think of Judi Dench, asking, “What’s a tuk-tuk?”

family stares at usWe are as big an attraction to the natives as they are to us. They stared and took our photos, sometimes inserting themselves in our group for photos. Who knows how they’ll be used…



2 comments on “The flavor of India
  1. Ryder Ziebarth says:

    Great shots! Great memories. ONE BIG TIP: make your MAC albums as soon as you get home….I still have to put mine together ( I waited too long).

  2. Pamela Mason says:

    So colorful and exotic (to my eyes, that is). In a country full of dirt roads, it amazes me to see the rose petals and the bling on goats! Not criticizing – just observing India’s delight in adornment and beauty.

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