The gifts of love, light + happiness

September 1, 2013
Louise Hay card

Louise Hay card

It’s been a big year for me.  2013 has been a year of forgiveness, a year in which I’ve learned to come to terms with what is and what will never be. It’s a year in which I’ve learned to be still and find the Divine in all situations and people. That’s a pretty big deal for me, because I’m a big “rail against the unfairness of life” girl.  Like most people of Mediterranean descent, I wax noisily if not eloquently, hands waving, voice rising and falling. A lot of sound and fury.

But this is the year I went deep inside and found the peace in forgiveness.  This Louise Hay Forgiveness card sat on my office shelf in clear view for a long time, reminding me of how far I’ve come and how good it feels.

Today is my sister’s birthday.  I haven’t seen or spoken with her in almost 4 years.  This wasn’t my choice, but it certainly was something the Divine put in my path as an opportunity to learn and grow, and finally, yes, that happened.

It’s funny how the lenses of compassion and understanding provide such clear insight, not only into this situation, but all of life.

In the end, there is only love.  That’s what it’s all about. Love.

Perhaps this was a lesson I was finally ready to learn.  Perhaps the teacher only comes when the student is ready.

And so, I wish my sister love, light and happiness on this, her birthday.

There are no better gifts to give anyone, including ourselves.


5 comments on “The gifts of love, light + happiness
  1. hank says:

    without intending to, my brother and I didn’t see each other for nearly thirty years. Oh yes, we did cross paths at family events, usually funerals or some such, rarely at a holiday or a hospitalized family member. Those don’t count because there are lots of people around, and a nod of the head was the major communication between us.

    My mid-life wife taught me the lesson you describe herein. She wasn’t ‘big’ on this guy, in fact could hardly be around him for years herself, but felt I should be. We got a decade where he became my most incredible best friend. And 9-11 put he and my wife in a cross-country car trip, where she fell in love with him.

    He died a year later. I miss him terribly to this day; I am so grateful for the good years we finally got.

    • Ah, that is a beautiful story, even as sad as it is. Your midlife wife is a wise woman! Facing the reality of my family has been difficult, but acceptance came, finally. Still, I know there is always hope as long as I remain open-hearted.

  2. I’ll be thinking today about that line, “perhaps the teacher only comes when the student is ready.” I am amazed by the whole experience of epiphanies, revelations, etc. but most amazed by how clarity comes even when you might have stopped looking for it. Once again, you’ve delivered a timely message for me. I appreciate that.

  3. Susan Cooper says:

    It is hard when your path leads you to a place where you didn’t think you would be. It is so hard when relationships (especially within the family) are strained. You are a wonderful person to remember your sister’s day. 🙂 God does know where we are going and why we are taking the path we do. 🙂

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