The glory of being limitless

June 21, 2015

dad-kiss0001I love getting daily inspirational messages. You know, the kind that resonate with me. What resonates for me might not do the same for you. Each to their own, of course. But I got this one a day after my return from the annual Afterlife Conference.

You are not on earth to make things happen. You are not on earth to spread the love. You are not on earth to make it a better place or to learn acceptance of the things you cannot change. You are not on earth to find your soulmate or your purpose. You are not on earth to put the needs of others before your own. And you most certainly are not on earth, Carol, to suffer, pay penance, be tested or judged.

Did I leave anything out?

You are on earth, Carol, because in your loftiest state of being, perched high above the wonderment, at the
pinnacle of your glory, you wondered what it would be like, even fleetingly, to believe in limits.

Yes, yes and yes.

Here’s the takeaway:

Forget all that judgment stuff. Not what happens.

What lies ahead for us is an existence without limits.

Virtually every single person who has had a near death experience talks about an atmosphere filled with so much love we can’t even imagine it. Limitless love.

But I can imagine it, because my father showed it to me a few years after he died.

Here’s what happened.  You’ll find it after the photos of the arms.

On this Father’s Day, I celebrate my father, whose love from the other side is boundless.

7 comments on “The glory of being limitless
  1. Toni McCloe says:

    A really beautiful post, Carol.

  2. I love this and can absolutely relate to what you’re saying. Funny, a year ago, I’d have gone “huh?”In research and exploring Spirit and afterlife chronicles of near death experiences, they do all talk about the freedom of eternity and how they became human to learn lessons. Wish I’d been to the afterlife conference you went to.

  3. What a powerful message and one that applies to us all too. I went to look at the pictures on the post you linked to and am fascinated by the experience you had. Isn’t the ‘Spirit’ world amazing and how little we plug into it?

  4. Michelle Hwee says:

    Absolutely beautiful! Loved reading this 🙂 Live without limits!

  5. Being able to lose the chains of envy can always be a winning situation. I tend to not really care very much about what others have and do not look to covet what I can’t have outside of my reach.

  6. michelle co says:

    I love positive thoughts and its always nice to see posts like these.

  7. What a sweet post for Father’s Day, Carol.

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