The good old days: how good were, they, really?

August 20, 2010

The new season of Mad Men has been a catalyst for discussions about what the work world was like for women in the 1960s. These ads–created by the Madison Ave. of Mad Men and which reflect our culture back then– give you a very good idea of how women were viewed 50+ years ago.

They’re also context for some of those holdover attitudes toward women we still see in the work place. And other places.
This one, above, is startling. I don’t think the one below is old, but take a look:
These ad themes may seem anachronistic, but 50 years isn’t a very long time at all, in the greater scheme of things.
Young women may not even notice some of the ways they are marginalized today.
We’ve come a long way from this, but we shouldn’t take for granted that we still have a long way to go.

4 comments on “The good old days: how good were, they, really?
  1. Anonymous says:

    I think today’s advertisements are worse and far more pervasive and abusive than ever for young women and young men! The porn industry has certainly become the template for almost all videos,television shows and most advertising that I see on a daily basis and I worked in the film and television industry for some time and it is pervasive.

    The gross sexualization of women, especially YOUNG women in every bit of media today is horrific and it is having grave consequences. Almost 25% of teens today have an STD!

    We now live in a society where everything has to have sex in it in order to sell. Videos have to have gyrating Ho’s and tricked out bitches (not my words trust me on that one!). Just take a look at magazine covers EVERY WHERE! I went into a 7-11 once to buy a Playgirl magazine for a bachelorette party(they refuse to sell Playgirl magazine in there) and the front row right under the candy counter in the check out line had a MAXIM MAGAZINE with a picture of an almost compltely NUDE woman on it and four other magazines that were just as bad! The covers were pornographic and left little to the imgaination! God forbid you sell an adult a magazine that is behind the counter in a wrapped bag that shows no nudity on the cover at all but you will show women being sexualized to sell magazines that kids can see right under the candy counter? This is the double standard of our society is projecting onto our kids.

    I actually asked the manager hwo 7-11 can have such a double standard and I did mention to him that he was exposing kids to pornography but just showing those magazine covers. I went in sometime later and they are now behind some type of bracket that covers most of the front.

    I could go on forever with example after example after example but I won’t. From the reality shows to Shock Jock radio we can not escape it unless we start telling people in the corporations who create these images enough is eno

  2. I agree with Anon – who really should’ve signed with a name or something – women today seem worse off than in the 60’s simply because they are bringing it on themselves. I see the way teen girls dress to go to school and it’s obvious they are over sexualized. The word Prostitot comes to mind.

  3. Prosti-Tot. Wow. Yeah, I hear you, Suburban Princess…and more on that topic coming soon.

    Anon, your fans want you to give yourself a name! I’d like to know who you are but even if you don’t say, hope you do give yourself a name….

  4. Anonymous says:

    Oh I do not want to give myself a name on YOUR blog. I feel that it would not be appropriate.


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