The harvest

September 3, 2009

A hot summer means the grapes are ready early and harvest–La Vendemmia— has begun in the Piemonte region of Italy, where we’re heading in two weeks.

In Italy, the grape harvest is a big event. The actual grape picking involves families, friends and then, a big celebratory feast. Like our Thanksgiving.

Rumor has it old-fashioned stomping still goes on, but today’s winemaking process in Italy is pretty modern.

I’m thinking it’ll probably be over before we get there, the second time I’ve just missed it on a trip to Italy. I’ve spent a fair bit of time in the California wine country and it would be nice to see what harvest is like in Italy. UPDATE: Diana says we will arrive mid-harvest–so exciting!! We’ll be in some of the Italian wine country, and plan to do a wine tour, too. Can’t wait!

If you would like to know a little more, visit Diana’s blog

Or see this, by one of my Facebook friends, Michelle Fabio:

Don’t those grapes look luscious? I could pluck them right out of the photograph. And stomp them, myself.

One comment on “The harvest
  1. michelle | bleeding espresso says:

    Yay vendemmia! It still hasn’t started here in Calabria, but it’s coming! Thanks for the link 😀

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