The house hunt continues

November 7, 2009

Yesterday was a gorgeous day. Gorgeous. And we were out and about on our rental house hunt.

First, we saw a house way out in South San Jose. Further than I’d wanted to be. Parts of the house were lovely, but overall, the house lacked the kind of airy light that I need, and the layout wasn’t ideal for the pets. We could make it work, but I gave it only 6 of 10 points, partly due to location. A great neighborhood, gorgeous view, but really, it could’ve been Indiana, it was that unfamiliar an area.

We then saw a nice home in Saratoga. 6 BR. I gave it 7.5 points –very airy, great yard. It needed a coat of paint and carpet shampoo, but we could make it work if we had to. Not perfect, but tolerable.

After that we saw perfection itself, at least on the interior. But it was a townhouse and the fenced yard was paved: it had not a blade of grass. Since we can not walk our aging Tinker 10 times a day, couldn’t do it. But the updating the owner had done was pristine. So sad.

Today, at least one of the three I know is not updated. But the house has a great location (Los Gatos) and good bones. We’re seeing it last. First, we head out to Sunnyvale, also not my most ideal location but tolerable, and then back to Saratoga.

My hopes are pinned on these first two, which on screen looked good.

The very aggressive Alum Rock home owner left me a voicemail imploring me to “give our area a chance.” Alum Rock was the original “rich” part of San Jose. But today, you have to drive through the very dicey East side to get there and that is just not going to happen.

Onward. The day has begun. Think good thoughts!

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