The Ipod feedbag: an idea for Apple

May 11, 2012

“What’s your favorite cardio?” my trainer asked the the other day.

“It’s all boring,” I told him.

It’s the truth. Cardio is boring.

Even if you’re running alongside the ocean, you really can’t enjoy the view because you’re too busy gasping for breath, dodging bicyclists or making sure you don’t trip and fall.

Distraction is needed. But safe ones. That’s why we have Ipods. Or whatever MP3 player suits your fancy. Music’s the only way I can make it through a cardio session. It sets the pace and distracts, both important for getting the most out of exercise.

M. and I head out to the gym for cardio most weekdays. He likes the elliptical and unlike me, he can actually read while he exercises. I can’t read and sweat.

But I can sing and sweat, and therein lies the problem. My Ipod. If I’m really into the song I want to sing along and not everyone at the gym appreciates that. Especially not M.

“It wouldn’t be so bad if you sang the entire song,” M said the other day. “But you sing little bits and pieces. It’s like musical Tourette’s. Very annoying.”

The other day, in an almost empty gym, a woman bicycling three rows ahead of me turned and said: “You have a beautiful voice!”

“You can hear me all the way up there?” I asked.

We need an invention. I’m thinking it could be something music fans at the gym could wear over their mouths to absorb their sing-alongs. Maybe something like this:

Only not.

What do you think?

Next up: dancing on a treadmill without killing yourself.

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