The lesson of hummingbirds

November 19, 2010
Sweet, delicate little creatures, aren’t they? But they’re tough little things, with lifespans of up to 10 years. So tough that the Aztecs wore hummingbird talismans for energy, vigor and skill at arms and warfare.

They remind me of how tough people in difficult situations can be. They remind me especially of someone I know who is suffering terribly and has marshaled his strength this week to travel and pray for a miracle at the Kotel. {If you pray, join me in praying for J and other warriors in the battle against cancer.}

Life is precious and especially so when your wings must beat 90 times a second to keep you alive. {J knows all about this.}

And yet, even with the beauty and inestimable value of life, some people lash out purposely to hurt others and expend their energy in malicious ways. It’s unthinkable, but true.

✘ Some negative residents at our condo association on the Monterey peninsula are making life miserable for our tenant.

✘ A family member is lashing out in a contemptible life-long habit that’s become even more mean-spirited in recent years.

I don’t understand it.
Life is such a wonderful, valuable gift and it’s ours for such a short time. Why wouldn’t we want to spend it making ourselves and others happy?

These troublesome things
could easily take over my thoughts.

Yesterday, my fabulous Facebook friend and soon to be in-real-life friend, Mary, posted this:

Today’s mastery word is “letting go.” I release everything that no longer serves my unfolding good. I awaken to the present moment and am freed of fear, doubt and worry. I release beliefs that no longer serve me and prepare the way for greater good. I carefully monitor my thoughts and actions, inviting all … that is right and good to take root and grow in my consciousness.

I‘ve put it up in my office to remind me to jettison things and people that do not serve me and to continue to focus on only the many positives in my life.

And every day I watch admiringly as the hummingbirds in my yard hover and flit from flower to flower.

{I’ve also hired a lawyer to handle the condo situation.
And culled negative people from my life.}

Life is short, peeps. Carpe diem!

2 comments on “The lesson of hummingbirds
  1. Ruth says:

    This post touched me deeply. Life is so precious. As a woman with Type 1 diabetes I understand the meaning of beating your wings 90 times a second.Maybe this is one reason why I am so drawn to hummingbirds and inspired by them They live on the edge of survival needing to eat every 20 minutes or so to keep there fast metabolism going. People sometimes take our existence for granted.Please visit me at

  2. Fatuous Anility says:

    The hummingbird lesson is a good one.
    Mine have gone for the winter and I miss them terribly.

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