The life raft of dysfunction

May 29, 2010

Change is a funny thing.

When change is forced on us, we sometimes resist. Strongly.
We fight against the forces that have taken us from our safe place: the familiar.
And we find another place that we know well.
To achieve homeostasis.

Some of us look at change as a chance to evolve and grow.
To take us to new and better places. Places that are more functional.
To get more out of life. An adventure, even.

And some of us avoid it like the plague, hanging on to our old dysfunctions like we’d drown without them.

The drive to maintain the status quo is strong.

It’s certainly safer to stay in the familiar.
No matter how dysfunctional it might be, we know it and we know how to operate there.

By the time we get to middle-age, though, it’s hard to pretend that living in our dysfunction serves us. We don’t have the excuse of youth to carry us through.

Few things are sadder than watching a more-than grown adult still living their impairment.

Mid-life is the last chance to make changes that will make a significant difference in our lives and the lives of those we love.

Are we holding on to old ways of living that no longer work for us?
Does our stability depend on our dysfunction?
What are we holding on to and how has that worked?

And what’s the worst that could happen if we let go of those
things that haven’t worked?

2 comments on “The life raft of dysfunction
  1. impishmuse says:

    Thank you for this! I decided to live my life fearlessly after I was diagnosed with a MILD (that is the operative word here) case of relapsing/remitting Multiple Sclerosis. The scary shit that went on in my own HEAD was so useless and silly. It turned out that getting diagnosed with MS was the BEST/WORST thing that ever happened to me. After that I have not lived in fear at all and I am perfectly fine. 3 MRIs no new lesions, no meds.

  2. Impishmuse, that’s amazing testimony…sometimes my head sends me in weird directions, too, and your post is a good reminder to rein that in.

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