The non-traditional weapons of passion & laughter

November 30, 2010

This is what you shall do.
Be loyal to what you love,
be true to the Earth,
and fight your enemies
with passion and laughter.
-Edward Abbey

Enemies. I don’t even like the term.
It stinks of lances, guns, bombs, war.
I can’t even imagine deciding that someone’s an enemy.

Antagonist? As in person causing a problem?
{not in the literary sense, exactly}
A better term.

Unfortunately, most of us have to contend with toxic people at some point in our lives.

But toxic feelings and situations can also be enemies.

There’s no better shield against someone
or something harmful
than living a life of passion and laughter.

Sometimes it seems that both are in short supply in our world.

I’m reminded of that old song lyric: “Accentuate the positive…”

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