The perfect gift

December 17, 2010

{These designer fire extinguishers are a unique blend of fashion and function. The perfect gift for someone. That person might be me, actually.}

I’ve said it before and recently: I love gift giving. The process of considering the person, what would be meaningful or useful to them, finding the perfect gift–it’s a rush better than any drug. Seriously.

It might be a book, a piece of jewelry, lotion, anything really. But it always reflects my thoughts of the person and their use of my gift.

Receiving a perfect gift is also a rush. I can still remember the thrill when I opened a gold Tiffany heart necklace from my husband on our first Christmas in this new stage of our life. It said everything and I treasure it.

One year, a girlfriend gave me a book that so perfectly reflected my neuroses that it could only have come from an intimate.

This year, another gave me a unique necklace that duplicates one she’d bought for herself. She knew I’d love it, and I do.

It’s not the cost of the gift, either. It’s the thought that went into that makes it a perfect gift. This appeared in my mail this week from another longtime friend. The Chinook salmon is his good luck talisman, holding special meaning in his life.

Here’s part of the note on his Christmas card:

“The coin represents not only (my spiritual kin in the wild) but the entire circle of life. Please accept it as an enduring symbol of our friendship.”

Now THAT’S a gift. And actually, THAT is a friend.

What’s the best gift you’ve ever given or received?

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