The Rapture: Coming Soon

February 8, 2009

My partner and I both got hit on by a nerdy Christian radio network owner last night. She was minding her own business waiting at the coffee bar for — yes, our coffees–when he began to chat her up. I was over at the sushi bar getting–yes, our sushi. She was saved–not by Jesus, but by her cellphone ringing.

I arrived in time to see him still trying to talk to her while she answered her phone. She kindly apologized and walked off to take the call. I stood a safe distance away from him, but it wasn’t long before he initiated a conversation.

He asked what we did and I explained. He talked about the 400 stations on his network. I asked if internet radio was any competition.

“Well,” he said. “We won’t need radio stations for long–just till the Lord comes and we’re out of here. Then the anti-Christ can do what he wants.” He paused. “But then, you know what I mean.”

“Oh, I do,” I said. “I most certainly do.”

With guys like him in Christianity, the Rapture can’t come too soon, I think.

One comment on “The Rapture: Coming Soon
  1. Diana Strinati Baur says:


    He really needs to start making his way up to Alaska so he doesn’t miss anything. Another example of BACWARAB*

    *born again christians without ability to recognize appropriate behavior

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