The sisters are arriving!

May 4, 2012

Sisters From Another Mister by Ilse Valfre

The sisters arrive today. No, not mine. My sister-in-love’s three sisters get in from NJ for graduation festivities and I’m looking forward to some fun times. We last saw one another when I was there in January.

Despite being completely different in personality and avocation,  the sisters are legendarily close and I feel lucky to have been welcomed into their circle. We bond around our shared role as loving aunties to our beloved nephew. Ands some shared interests.

Their legend precedes them and M. has been dying to meet them.

One teaches yoga and has a fabulous dog who sometimes comes with her. Another has a big career. The third is a Reiki practitioner. And my sister-in-love is a professional organizer and just about professional party giver.  But they don’t see their differences, they see their commonalities, and I love that about them.

Also here for the festivities is J, my sister-in-love’s friend. We adore J. He cooks like a pro and is a fun guy. I saw him last in NJ and M. saw him last summer. Has it been almost a year?

We’re all going out to dinner tonight and there’s a big graduation party on Saturday.

But, as with life in general, the real action will take place in the space in between events. When we talk of life. Maybe do some Reiki.

And laugh. Oh, how we’ll laugh!

Laughs, too, last night, when we sat at a pub with M’s cousin and her husband. Smart, interesting people.

Laughter and Rochester haven’t matched up for either M or me in a very long time. But last summer, we learned that the two actually can go together.  Now, we love visiting our home town.

It’s great to catch up with his cousin. And the sisters will make it even more fun.

So bring it on! Let the festivities begin! We’re ready!

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