The wilderness

July 21, 2009

We were talking the other day about how difficult it is when bad things happen to good people.

And how it’s so ironic when good things happen for bad people. Or people who might not “deserve” it.

People of faith usually have a way to put it in perspective. I read something a pastor posted on Facebook the other day, that goes something like this:

“When God directs you into the wilderness, He is sparing you from something that you are not ready for. If you let it, that wilderness experience can impart to you knowledge that nothing else can.”

It’s the old adage “There’s a lesson there,” but we usually follow that up with “but I’m not sure what it is.”

On the other hand, bad things happening can just be random events that God does not interfere in for some greater reason.

I don’t know the answer.

I just know that more and more people in my age group are facing health and other challenges. And many times, they are the sweetest people I know.

It’s hard to see the perspective; it’s more than scary.

I try to thank God all the time for the blessings He’s given me.

(And hope He doesn’t get too pissed off at me for my failings.)

Thank goodness I believe in a forgiving God!)

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