There’s no recession in Margaritaville

April 26, 2009

A packed crowd at the Ford Amphitheatre, probably 25,000+ strong, dressed in a variety of parrot shirts, grass skirts, fish shirts, parrot hats, beaks and other forms of parrothead attire, sang, rocked and swayed for three hours as a smiling Jimmy Buffett sang and played in great humor, displaying his trademark grin.

And why shouldn’t he grin? It’s good to be Jimmy Buffett. And man, he is in GREAT shape.

Dozens of beach balls being tossed from section to section, the aroma of pot in the air,a sea of Boomers laughing, singing and having fun,. The night’s cool breeze made the usually hot Florida night enjoyable, despite the tightly packed crowd. Everyone in great humor.

Jimmy, in a red tshirt and tropical print shorts, kicked off his flip-flops early and threw them to the crowd. He must have given this show thousands of times over four decades and yet, he was fully present and engaged, having as much fun as we did.

The crowd was his. Three encores.

My friends and I sang and danced all night in our row, breathing deep….Boomers on the cusp of retirement recapturing the spirit of our youth.

And what a spirit it was.

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