Things are not always what they seem

January 13, 2011

It’s time for a distraction. A different conspiracy theory and a chance to think I’m a complete nut-job.

You didn’t think I could be fluffy all the time, did you?

Are you willing to accept that there are things going on in the world to which we are not privy?

If you read science fiction, it’s easy to discount as fantasy the unofficial suspicions and explanations for things that happen. To think hypotheses about the origin of things like crop circles or aliens are just crazy-talk. Of course, we really don’t know how crop circles appear or if aliens have visited. We think those things sound fantastical, but maybe they’re just beyond our current frame of reference.

{OK, so actually there are a whole heap of pilots and astronauts and other official people who say we’ve been visited and aliens exist. Dig around and you’ll find them. Credible people. And then there’s my husband, who thinks we haven’t been, for very logical reasons. But that’s another blog post.}

It’s easy to discount things that don’t fit our comfortable view of the world. Humans have done that throughout history. {Like maybe that the earth is…flat.} And our whole lives consist of “truths” about our nation that we hold as “self-evident.”

What would it mean if they weren’t really true at all? What would it mean if we learned that there’s an invisible (to us) infrastructure behind many of our institutions? What if our system’s subversion was going on now, and not in fiction?

And I don’t mean tie-dyed, liberal activists. I mean people who likely want us to be at war.

What if? It’s a question. A proposition. Not a statement of fact. Suspend your disbelief for a moment.

So, at the risk of seeming like a crazy conspiracy theorist:

There’s a huge story involving America that American media have completely ignored. That media in other countries have begun to cover, but our press hasn’t touched.

A story that would completely shake our faith in what we know, as well as our belief in our American system of government, in our leaders.

Did you know architects, engineers, scholars, pilots and other well-educated, well-regarded professionals believe there has been a massive government cover-up of 9/11 and have organized to call for a real investigation?

And have been met with only silence from those who control the system. Although just recently, some voices are beginning to penetrate the silence.

Here’s the story:

Educated, professional people who understand airplanes and construction engineering say that the evidence so far does not support the official story about what happened on Sept. 11, 2001. Not at all. {Before you click off and discount me as just another crazy conspiracy theorist, do me a favor and read today and again tomorrow. Even if you doubt what I’m writing.}

The evidence tells these well-trained professionals that the planes that flew into the World Trade Center were not commercial airplanes at all. Photographic evidence indicates the planes (if they were planes) had appendages underneath them {incendiary devices? bombs?} and no airline logos. The evidence shows they were more likely were military drones, not commercial airliners. {Yes, they could have been photoshopped, but that’s only one tree and there’s an entire forest– stick with me.}

Well, actually, photographic and other evidence show one might have been a drone. It might also have been a missile. Or it might have been neither–just a video fake to cover an explosion. {The logistics, you say, are too too complicated to pull of. Again, a tree. Keep reading.}

There is no footage of the first plane hitting the World Trade Center. Just the second.

Did you know that solid, professional pilots have questioned how student pilots — who could not pass their lessons in a small prop plane just weeks before — could take big jets through the maneuvers necessary to collide with those buildings?

Not plausible. Not even POSSIBLE, they say.

How about that professional engineers and architects say that the World Trade Center buildings behaved more like a controlled demolitions than anything else?

Licensed professionals. A bunch of them. Not just a handful of loonies.

And that there has been no credible explanation why WTC 7 also came down in the same progressive, domino-like way. It wasn’t hit by a plane.

This is probably the first time you’ve heard some of this. That’s because it’s been discounted by officials. And media. Without investigation.

Many professional airplane crash investigators have said that it strains credulity that there was no debris or remains from the plane that went down in Pennsylvania. At all.

And very little debris from the Pentagon crash {and what little there was seemed too small for the size jetliner it was supposed to be} and no remains. Although when the Lockerbie flight went down from 10,000 metres in the sky, there was significant debris and bodies were found still strapped in.

That eyewitnesses say and evidence indicates that a cruise missile went into the Pentagon, not a jetliner. And although it’s the most surveilled building in the world {I’ve read that some 80 video cameras were trained on it}, no video has been released of this event.

How come?
Ok, so you think I’m a conspiracy theorist. A nutcase.

If so, I stand with groups of very educated architects, engineers, pilots and scholars, who believe that the 9/11 investigation does not reflect the evidence.

I call BULLSHIT on the official story.

Think about this: a lie believed by everybody doesn’t make the truth.

Suspend your disbelief for another 24 hours; more on this tomorrow.

And watch this:

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