Thinkin’ about heaven

April 5, 2010

Off to Utah in a few weeks with my friend and former business partner. We’re taking some of the money we were using for our now defunct business and treating ourselves to four days at one of the spas I love in the red rocks.

Massages. Facials. And ok, I admit. We went whole hog and rented out the Presidential Suite. 2 BR 2 bath. Our own six-person hot tub. A full kitchen. Etc.

Overkill, total overkill.

But we so deserve it.

Anyway, when I was there in 2006 I met a Native American shaman and spent a couple hours doing a mystical shamanic journey with her. Complete with visions. (No drugs.) I’ve arranged to do it again.

People with strong, fundamentalist beliefs would probably consider it demonic. But for me, it’s just an exploration of another way to try to touch the Divine.

I’m a born Catholic and today, so ashamed of my birth Church. Horrible acts and horrible denial. Organized religion is a mess today, with pastors and priests more in touch with their human-ness than we’re comfortable with.

I’m sure it was always this way. The difference is our global media outlets who love these scandals.

I don’t blame them. I do blame these so called “holy” people. Feet of clay.

But why should I be surprised? And why should it matter? The fact is, I’ve always believed there are many paths to heaven. No one religion has the only passkey. The special code to get in.

The other day I posted a YouTube of Brett Dennen’s song, Heaven. Here are the lyrics, perfect for my thoughts today.

Beyond the rules of religion
The cloth of conviction
Above all the competition
Where fact and fiction meet

There’s No color lines or casts or classes
There is no fooling the masses
Whatever faith you practice
Whatever you believe

Heaven. Heaven.
What the hell is Heaven?
Is there a home for the homeless?
Is there hope for the hopeless?

Throw away your myth misconceptions
There ain’t no walls around heaven
There are no codes you gotta know to get in
No minutemen or border patrol

You must lose all earthly possession
Leave behind your weapon
You cannot buy your salvation
There is no pot of gold


Heaven ain’t got no prisons
No government no business
No banks or politicians
No armies and No police

Castles and cathedrals crumble
Pyramids and pipelines tumble
The failure keeps you humble
Leads us closer to peace

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