Thoughts at 37,000 feet

July 8, 2021

Covid-crazinessThis is opinion, but it is also reality. Which can bite.

I’m writing this on a Delta flight from Atlanta to San Francisco on the first of July. The guy across the aisle from me is sneezing and snurgling—probably has a cold—and is wearing his mask below his nose.

Well, I hope it’s just a cold.

I’d like to have sympathy for him. But I don’t.

The FAA mandates that masks be worn over nose and mouth in flight and the rules apply to everyone. Very specific announcements have been made on board. If you’re not able or willing to do that, then don’t fly. You may THINK you’re special, but you are not special enough to risk infecting me. And others. That’s the bottom line.

And so, because this is a matter of personal safety, I decide to snitch. I walk up to the galley and explain. Before I am even back in my seat the flight attendant is making an announcement about masks. “Snurgling man” figures I ratted him out and whispers to his wife.

Guess what? You’re not special.

I decide if he says anything to me, I’ll simply tell him the rules apply to everyone. He’s not special.

A few minutes later, his mask makes its way to below his nose again. Ok, he puts it there.  But he’s kind of stupid because the FA is serving drinks to the row ahead of him. When she moves to his row she tells him to pull his mask up.

This makes me happy.

But when we start to eat he can’t help but consider himself special again. The FA has told us to take a bite and replace our masks to chew–very explicit instructions– but he’s decided he won’t replace his mask until he is done with his entire meal. And he is having a leisurely meal. Like a four-course dinner, during which he is slowly savoring his soft drink.

He is obviously a real di_k.

It’s hard enough to prevent inadvertent exposure to the very contagious Delta variant –but venture out and we have to protect ourselves against the stupidity that seems to be running rampant in our country.

“I am vaccinated and not masking, I want to move forward not back!” 

Someone actually said this to me the other day. As if.

As if what they WANT has any bearing on the issue.

As if they can’t get Covid after vaccination. You CAN.

Why is this not obvious after 18 months of Covid?

They might not die or get put on a ventilator, but then again, they might, because nothing is 100%. And researchers  found that vaccinations are not as protective against the Delta variant as we thought.

And yet, so many remain in denial.

It’s Covid-craziness and it’s running rampant in our country..

Here’s what I know for sure:

We are not home-free just because we’re vaccinated.

Covid is still being transmitted.

People are still getting it. Especially the super-contagious Delta variant.

People are still dying from it. Not as many. But it’s happening. Dead. As in “no longer in this world.”

Masking and good hand-washing: still the best way sto protect ourselves.

And many people are in denial about much of this. Stupidly in denial.

I know some of them.

Having spent a month in western New York, where this kind of flawed thinking about Covid is rampant, I’ve had about enough of it and am ecstatic to be back in California, where the people in my sphere understand the virus.

A friend just went to Costco and said just about everyone was masked.  In western New York, though, I was one of the few masked at the grocery store. Thank you, smart Bay area residents, for understanding how to protect yourself and others.

Which is pretty much what makes YOU special, but in a really good way.

Happy to be a Californian. And to be masked against this terrible virus.

6 comments on “Thoughts at 37,000 feet
  1. Bobi says:

    I almost cried while reading this. You are preaching to the choir here but I, too, don’t understand the denial and stupidity. I live on the East coast but in a well vaccinated state. Unfortunately, our neighboring states have much lower vaccination rates and poor compliance for social distancing let alone mask wearing. I’m very sick of hearing about personal preferences and rights. We’re talking about health and disease not politics! You stated this so well. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Haralee says:

    I Love “YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL”! Rules apply to everyone!! A friend of mine who is a nurse at a big hospital here in Portland said in all her 30+ years nursing she has never seen such bad behavior in patients. They have a code they call out on the load speaker with a room number and a regular person walking in the hospital may think it is a health emergency but no it is for a behavior emergency! Often abut wearing masks, in a hospital!!!

  3. Diane says:

    This just proves to me–again–that people have grown more self-centered and self-absorbed. It breaks the heart. Now (and all the way through Covid) we’ve had such opportunities to show how much we care for those around us.
    We’ve (so many of us) failed miserably. In movies, when facing a common enemy, people forget their differences and fight toward a common goal. In reality, faced with the same, we’ve divided into groups of ‘believers’ and ‘unbelievers’.
    Myself? I’m STAYING MASKED!!!
    My sister is a flight attendant. She could write a book…

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