Time travel, coincidence and science

October 3, 2014

Attributed to lots of people including Albert Einstein.


The forces that cause meaningful coincidence may be quite physical.
We miss this because we cannot observe their workings with our
ordinary senses and our regular assumptions…they (forces) are as much
physical as psychic. The physical forces that play with us through
coincidence may include our parallel selves in parallel universes,
interacting with our world in constant and complex weavings
through what quantum physics has taught us to call “interference”
patterns, forever shifting the balance of probabilities for any specific outcome.
  ~Robert Moss in The Three “Only” Things

I know it’s a long excerpt. But it’s WOW stuff. Because it really says that time travel is possible.

Just about everyone has experienced meaningful coincidences–those events that seem to mock the laws of probability. Are they miracles? Random events? Just what are they?

It’s my strong belief that science just hasn’t caught up with reality —and that science could explain far more than it does, if it only had the vocabulary.

I believe that coincidences are meaningful and that we should do all we can to seek that meaning when they occur.

You know, many scientists believe in this kind of stuff. Parallel universes, the warping of time and space, that we’re limited in what we see right now but that there’s more out there.

Some day science will explain all this. Meanwhile, here in the early 21st century, we can only marvel at what Jung called synchronicity…those things that happen at the same time that seem related, but we just can’t find the causal connection.

Now, imagine that, as Ross writes, we were leading parallel lives in parallel universes. That past, present and future are all being played out simultaneously in parallel universes.  And imagine that our parallel selves are influencing our present self to make these meaningful coincidences occur.

Imagine, for example, that some past self brought your current ex-husband back into your life in a big way.

Wouldn’t that be mind-boggling?

Maybe that’s how it happened for me, I don’t know.  Maybe my younger, heartbroken self had something to do with his return. I know it sounds far-fetched, but it’s only far-fetched because we can’t explain it by what we know now.  One day, we might well see how that works.

The idea that future and past will one day be accessible to us isn’t a new one, either.  It’s a fascinating thought and throws up in the air all of our assumptions about how life is. Which is why so many people aren’t open to it

Notice that I used the term “open to it.”  Because we really have no way of knowing yet. Not for sure.

Lots of really smart people i know are far more comfortable with what they can see, feel and hear than with concepts that can’t be proven scientifically.

“Prove it,” they command.

But every concept proven today went through a long stage when science had no vocabulary and no constructs to explain it.

And then there are people like Albert Einstein, who was very clear that time is not absolutely–that it’s relative and flexible.  Here’s what Einstein said: “The dividing line between past, present, and future is an illusion.”

Think about that for a minute. There is no dividing line between past, present and future, says one of the most eminent brains of modern time.

Whoa! Did you even know that?

Time travel may be possible soon, Australian scientists say, based on experiments they’ve done with photons.

I can foresee a day when science explains all of the concepts that seem like sci-fi fantasies today.  Like time travel. Synchronicity. Coincidence.

We think we’re so advanced, but the truth is we are quite primitive.  We are the past that people in the future will look back at. Or maybe they’re looking at us right now.

Which is why the idea of remaining open is so important to me.



3 comments on “Time travel, coincidence and science
  1. Shivers! What a fascinating concept. My fathers life was saved one more time by coincidence this weekend; one after another, maybe three of them i a span of three days, and there is no other way to explain them–they were,well, extra-ordinary;Only God’s loving hand could have been involved, is how I see it now. Thanks for this.

  2. You know Carol I have heard some “coincidences” in therapy over the years that have convinced me personally that there is an energy or something in life that I don’t understand. Something other than us. People get this funny look on their face and say something like, “I’m not sure I want to tell you this”… “You may think I’m crazy but…”. Then they go on and tell me this coincidence of theirs. Who knows? I have heard lots. Maybe I will know one day. Maybe we will all know.

  3. Lee Gaitan says:

    So, yes! I love the concept of synchronicity and put great stock in meaningful coincidence. I’ve had waaaay too many “accidents” of seemingly impossible timing to dismiss. I agree with you about science just not having a way to recognize many phenomena that seem woo-woo to us now. I think when we intui” something or draw something to us, it could be our cells or thoughts waves communicating vibrationally or some other way that has a real explanation that we can’t see yet.

    Keep believing!

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