Tinker, Little He, Gigi en route

January 28, 2010

These are photos of our crew, en route to Sunnyvale in the lap of luxury via Royal Paws pet transport service. They’ve stopped for a little break.

Don’t the dogs look happy? That’s old Tinker on the left and Little He on the right. With their driver.

And Gigi looks content on her bed. Which used to be my late cat Tyler’s bed. She LOVES it.

Today we took Riley over to our new home. We are very impressed with how adaptable the little man has been. In and out of numerous motels, riding in a carrier for days on end, being walked in strange places–he is an impressive little dog!

Our goods are running a day late. We won’t see them until Saturday morning. Our driver was on an aggressive schedule; we suspect his log book was reviewed and they made him stop to rest. But that’s not the story they’re telling us. Close, but not exactly.

Too bad, because we were ready. Well, one more day to shop! I found a Macy’s just a mile away. Baad thing. Real bad.

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