To all the cats I’ve known and loved

January 31, 2012
Bonnie Fields

“Did you ever have a cat?” my neighbor asked, the other day. It’s interesting how people give others shape and form by what they know of them. It’s hard for people I know now to fathom a time when I wasn’t a dog person. And yet…

I love cats and had them nonstop from 1973 until 2007 and among my longest-time friends, I was always considered a cat person. When you have a time-consuming career and busy life, it’s hard to take proper care of dog. But cats? They’re independent. Loving, but independent. Sort of like me. ✿

So to all the cats I’ve known and loved: I remember you with ♥ and great joy

  • Sasha (M & my first cat in 1973)
  • Beeboo (who lived ’til she was 21 and moved with me to Calif.)
  • Julie
  • Ricky Raccoon
  • Smokey
  • Cecily
  • Tyler (my sweet last cat, who crossed the Rainbow bridge in 2007, just before I got Riley)
  • and Gigi, the sweet cat M. brought to our household and who now lives with a little girl of her own in Los Altos

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