The future is here: to mask or not mask?

April 5, 2021

to-maskNow that many of us are vaccinated against Covid we may be wondering if we should mask, still.

I am here to remind you that the public health answer is YES. Public health officials want us to continue to mask.

The pandemic is still with us. Despite our vaccinations, we can still catch and transmit the virus to others. Vaccines are 90% effective. What if you are in that 10% that actually is not protected? That could contract Covid? We forget about that percentage, don’t we?

  If we get it, we might or might not die from it, but there is no guarantee that we’ll be ok. We could get mighty sick. Sick enough that something else might kill us.

Now, I hear all this silly talk about masking and vaccination being a personal choice. That’s not my view AT ALL. If we do not look out for each other, our society is truly broken beyond repair. I think most of us already know that our world is broken in a big way. But to risk the lives of others? It is reprehensible.

I wish I could say we rose to the occasion as a people, but the truth is that many of us did not.The willful stupidity of some Americans is shocking. And that stupidity is rampant among the so-called “religious right.”  For all the talk about what’s Biblical and religion, many holier-than-though people do not behave as though they are their brother’s keeper. So much phony Christianity is on display it’s mind boggling.

To those faux Christians? We see you. We know you do not represent what Christ teaches.

But I can not worry about them. I can only do what I think is prudent for myself and others.

When you see me out in public I will be wearing a mask and watching my physical distance from others. I will not be rushing to hug people.

When you see me on a plane I will be masked–but then there’s nothing new about that. I started masking six years ago when I got pneumonia after a man in my area of a flight to Sicily coughed and hacked his way across the Atlantic. A few days later I was so sick I had to have a hotel doctor come. So: I mask on flights routinely. When I get on the plane at least one flight attendant will say “I wish we could do that.” For obvious reasons.

I will also be goggled and gloved on planes. Yep. That’s the way it is. Because I do like to travel long distances to exotic places. Frankly,  I do not give a tinker’s damn what anyone might think about it. It’s MY iife.

To mask or not to mask? The only responsible answer is TO MASK.

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2 comments on “The future is here: to mask or not mask?
  1. Susan Foster says:

    “The only responsible answer is TO MASK.” Absolutely!!

  2. John Gatesby says:

    Very smart move on your part! I remember before the pandemic I saw youngsters in Japan wearing masks while going out. I found it very silly at that time but now I realize that they knew better.

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