To the manor born

April 19, 2010

The other day Southwest offered via email to let us check in early for our Las Vegas flight. For 10 bucks each.

“Why spend the money,” I thought.

But when we got to the airport this morning, Southwest’s first come/first serve boarding system placed us in the very last group.

It was then that I learned that my husband, accustomed to flying major airlines front-of-the-bus on the very rich buck of his clients, (large financial institutions that are responsible for our current economic woes) had never flown Southwest.


He looked at his boarding pass and then at me, clearly horrified.

“Why didn’t you just do it? For 10 bucks?”

“Well, I wanted to check with you first, and you were downstairs and….”

I then thought of the huge purchase I’d made the other day at my happy place. A time when I hadn’t waited to check with him. Where the dollar amount was so much larger than $10 that the comparison is embarrassing.

That occurred to him, too. We are nothing, if not aligned.

“So when you were buying all those clothes at Macy’s, did you check with me?” he asked.

Oh. Yeah, well, good point.

The hoards lining up at Southwest are shown above.

Surprisingly, we both managed to score (separate) aisle seats.. In Row 11, a cute black guy was sitting in the aisle but the middle was free. I went for it and he asked with a smile, “Are you single? I was holding out for the best single person on the plane.”

He then moved to the center seat adjacent to his wife.

M. hoisted my heavy carry-on into the baggage compartment.

The flight was a bit over an hour. M. survived.

When I reached to get my bag, the guy behind me asked me for contact information.

Not because I was single, or cute.

Because my husband whacked him with my bag as he was hoisting it up.

The guy had quite a knot on his head and wanted to be sure he or his estate could sue if he died or anything.

I do not make these things up.

I can see that my husband is not cut out for traveling with the masses.

The Bellagio, which he picked, is very nice.

2 comments on “To the manor born
  1. Dina Cuellar says:

    I’m sitting here with my mouth open for two reasons. 1. M. has never flied on Southwest. I realize he’s from the east coast, but still.
    2. The guy who got whacked on the head asked you for your phone number. . . did you give it to him?

  2. You surely recall my husband’s mantra “i’ve got people who do that” (your daughter certainly does!)

    and of course i gave my phone # to him…M really did whack him…it was the right thing to do, why would we not take responsibility–it is always an adventure to live with M

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