Today is Passion Sunday

March 24, 2013
 Is this true?
A lucky few fall into something great
but for the most part, passion takes work.

The best of all scenarios:
when you can turn your dream into reality.
How many of us have the courage,
the willingness to risk,
to make our dreams real?
 That’s one way to define passion.
Can’t let go of it?
It’s passion.

 Intellectual curiosity can bring people to education.
Or, people bring that passionate curiosity to school.
If you’re a lucky teacher, you have a classroom full of students like this.

But life seems to beat every iota of intellectual curiosity out of many adults.
Thankfully, that wasn’t true of Einstein.
And although I have absolutely nothing in common with Einstein
{except perhaps hair}
it isn’t true of me, either.

The guy’s always been wise
and I wonder if he was born that way
or if it was wisdom born of suffering and pain.

And then, there’s this.
Mad, passionate love.
Extraordinary love.
You get it if you’re lucky.

Passion Sunday is the same as Palm Sunday.

2 comments on “Today is Passion Sunday
  1. Graciewilde says:

    The notion of passion has always attracted me. I remember a period of time when I was about forty where I sought out and could not find personal passion. I guess I put the search on hold while I raised children and worked in public education. At almost sixty, I still look quizzically at passion but seem to be finding plenty of it.
    Thanks for the post.

  2. Finding my passion now that I’m an empty nester is my challenge. I love the sense of excitement that comes with exploring new opportunities.

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