Too many flags

July 10, 2012

On our walk the other day, Riley and I came across a house that was decorated with no less than 10 U.S. flags. Not only that, but there were two flagpoles painted red, white and blue.

Here’s my question:  Why?

First, let me clearly state that I consider myself a patriot. I shouldn’t even need to say this, but today, when the right has tried hard to co-opt the flag and patriotism, it’s necessary. Progressives are patriotic and pledge allegiance to the flag, as well.

But back to my question:

Why is it necessary to wave the colors so excessively, almost fanatically?

It didn’t appear to be a memorial to friends and family killed in battle, although it might have been. But it looks more like nationalistic fervor, which always scares me.

nationalism is like food–when taken it excess it can cause harm.

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