Too. Much. Information.

March 25, 2011

Last week I received an online newsletter for Baby Boomers. The lead story had this headline:

Warning: the disease no one knows.

I was about to click to learn more about this debilitating brain disease, when I thought again.

Do I need to know this? Information about some rare disease that is probably irrelevant to my life?

I’ve already banned WebMD from my “Favorites.” What good could come of my learning about a rare disease that causes brain lesions in a tiny percentage of the population? Shouldn’t I leave that to my doctor?

Yes, leave it for my doctor, I decided. It’s not my job to learn (and then obsess) about every obscure disease known to man. That’s why I have a good physician. It’s HER job.

I love the internet but there is wayy too much information available with just a few keystrokes. Knowledge is a good thing, in general, but too much knowledge without context is not so good. It produces unnecessary fears and anxiety. So do headlines like the one above.

When and if I need medical information, it’s there.

But until then, I’m not clicking on a damn thing that doesn’t directly relate to a medical condition I need to know about.

T.M.I.: Too Much Information

One comment on “Too. Much. Information.
  1. Kelly says:

    yes yes. there is so much information on the internet. and yet, I love it SO. In fact, I should go google and find out if my need for constant information is some kind of disorder. I bet it is. I bet I’m going to suffer from early onset dementia and brittle hair and because of my hyper-information-whore-ism.

    truthfully, pregnant women should be banned from google for the first 5 months or so of pregnancy. Ask my why I know this. 🙂

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