Top 7 rules for life

May 6, 2013

When I saw this list, I knew immediately which one of these was the biggest challenge for me.  It’s #5: thinking too much. 

OMG, do I think too much! Too much and too hard.

My mind is always whirring, chugging, massaging data, looking for connections, applying logic–I might look like I’m sitting calmly but it’s all going on and on and on in the background. A never-ending loop.

#1–Make peace with your past is a goal. We’re creating a new past with every yesterday and that can be a lot to make peace with. At least for some of us. It’s a process, this making peace with the past, and like with any process, there can be roadblocks and challenges.

#2–What others think of us can be a trap. I love the concept of what others think of us being “none of our business” because it really has no relevance to anything we do. So we shouldn’t give it any power. Just had a conversation with a friend about someone we know who is the queen of backhanded compliments. We’d each gotten one, recognized it and–laughed. That’s right. Found it funny.   If you know who you are, nothing anyone says can shake it.

#3–Time heals. Here’s a hard truth: it only heals if we don’t keep picking off the scab. That’s all I’ll say about THAT.

#4–Don’t compare your life to others. It always makes me squirm when someone says “I envy…”  I just don’t think envy’s a useful emotion. Some people do have all the luck, but hey, good for them. Nothing to do with MY life or luck. Like the Desiderata says, there will always be greater and lesser people than us.

#6–You’re in charge.  There are two ways of looking at life–like you’re creating it or like you’re a victim of fate.  I lean toward creationism (but only in this situation–in science I’m an evolutionist all the way!) Own it, baby!

#7–Smile. A small but powerful acknowledgment that life can be good, even in tough situations. How many times have we been inspired by people rise above challenging circumstances that are difficult or even sad beyond measure. Most of us don’t have it so bad. So–smile!

So there you have it. Seven cardinal rules in life.  I kind of like them. Would you add any?

One comment on “Top 7 rules for life
  1. Joan Stommen says:

    What lovely words! I love the chart…..but your thoughts and feeling really touched me. You’re right… husband shakes his head whenever I wonder, or worry or whine LOL
    But this is what makes women so powerful, right? We think like this. #5 is def my weakness too……and it gets worse as you grow along! Going to keep working on it!

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