Back in time with a 1967 Trans Am

February 4, 2024

Trans Am

Just seeing one of these (now) ancient Pontiac Firebird Trans Ams immediately transports me to the late 60s and the teen scene. Seems like all the hot boys had these hot cars back in the day.

I love that ‘back in the day’ means the same thing to some of my blogger friends as it does to me…and let’s hear what’s on their minds this week:


Cole Porter sang, “Birds do it. Bees do it. Even educated fleas do it.” Now, to no one’s surprise, coyotes do it too. Except, when coyotes “fall in love,” they become a public nuisance. Coyote mating season is upon Laurie’s sleepy Connecticut town, and it’s temporarily changed her life…

Trans AmJennifer

Learning how to let go can be challenging. But Jennifer of Unfold and Begin says it’s worth the effort and gives us some tips on how to do it.


Rebecca Olkowski, with had both of her kids get married within the last three months. Her daughter chose San Jose Del Cabo, in Baja California as her wedding destination. Rebecca runs down where they stayed, what they did, and of course, wrote about the wedding in Mexico.


Meryl Baer of Musings of a Shore LIfe arrived home from three weeks in warm weather and a tropical sun to gray skies and cold temperatures. She misses the warm weather and outdoor opportunities unavailable at home, at least for a few weeks. This week she writes about one of her Mexican experiences, a stroll in a farmers’ market.


Shopping may not be on your mind after the holidays, but be aware there are big opportunities to save in February, says Rita R. Robison, consumer and personal finance journalist. Compare prices and look for deals on TVs, winter clothing, cruises, fitness equipment, furniture, mattresses, major appliances, and more.

Don’t forget me

And if you’d like a little inspiration from the Central California coast, why not take a look at my post on the always stunning, dramatic Big Sur coastline, right HERE.


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