Tweets I wish I’d seen

January 7, 2013

Some folks are just born with the ability to encapsulate an idea in a pointed, satirical way, and such is the case with these laughter-inducing Tweets, which is how I’d like to close the year. We NEED a few belly laughs.

Now, I am not a Twitter fan. I can’t even imagine that people have time to sit and watch a feed of mostly meaningless links and comments all day.  I just don’t get it.

I’m not a big fan of Nancy Grace, either:

So true. I can not stand her obsequious sensationalizing and if I hear one more time how her fiance died, well, enough.  Interestingly enough, her twins are mentioned periodically but never her husband. He’s treated like an anonymous sperm donor. But then again, that’s probably a blessing. My wish for 2013 is that these ridiculous, shallow, sensationalistic, overblown TV hosts would go away.

Is there anyone among us who hasn’t been to one of those long, drawn-out meetings where absolutely nothing is accomplished?  The only thing more annoying is Nancy Grace, and maybe those meetings are even MORE annoying than she is.

The world has gone mad, really, with technology that sometimes seems like it exists for its own sake. I read that texting is going out of style. But who knows?

And then of course, there’s this:

Oh dear. guilty as charged, but only when documents are really long. It is absolutely true that people do not like to read and will not read long copy blocks online, which is why state-of-the-art web writing consists of short paragraphs with a lot of bullets. And why kids can’t read or write.

So when some of my students push back when I ask for hard copy of 10-15 page documents, now they know why.   Technology should be additive and not detract from the task at hand. Which is grading business plans.

Camera companies have spent decades trying to make smaller, more compact cameras, and then Apple screwed it all up.  But yes, it looks stupid and even anachronistic. But there is no end to the things Apple faithful will put up with. Crazy!

Lying is part and parcel of politics today, but really, Mitt’s lies took the cake. At least lately, George W. REALLY  took the cake. Still, I’m not so sure that had a thing to do with Mitt losing the election. Since he really, really scares me, I am happy with the outcome. Not that I think Obama has done so well. But certainly for me he was the lesser of two evils.

Yes, interesting.  We forget how really bizarre our established major religions would be to someone who appeared here from another planet. Virgin birth? Resurrection? Raising the dead?  Of course, there are logical explanations that could be made. But then it wouldn’t be a religion, would it?

Kudos to these tweeters for making me laugh.  For more, go HERE.

6 comments on “Tweets I wish I’d seen
  1. Grace Hodgin says:

    I really enjoyed these. I can’t imagine what texting would be replaced with though? Surely not a conversation!

  2. You had me nodding until that last tweet, but your remarks on that one fell flat for me. Great post but the religious slam wasn’t my favorite (catholic church attendee)

  3. HAH! I love the ipad as the new fanny pack. I can’t get over how dumb people look “focusing” their ipads. It looks like they are posing.

  4. Husband and I are both born Catholics but we are also realistic about what it looks like to people who don’t have faith. That’s why they call it faith.

  5. Jennifer Comet Wagner says:

    These are great. You definitely picked just the right twitter posts. Really enjoyed this.

  6. Haralee says:

    The Nancy Grace one is perfect. I sometimes have to hold myself back from sounding like Nancy, which now I know IS ALL CAPS!

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