Twitter is not life

March 8, 2010

If you participate in any of the social media, especially Facebook or Twitter, you’ve probably noticed that many people post all day. Every day. Regardless of what they’re in the middle of.

They post from vacation. They post from family reunions. From nature walks. From weddings. From parties. Someone I know even had the bad taste to post from a funeral.

I’ve seen posts that say “dropping off the kids at school.” Or “iced tea.” Zzzz, is what I say.

So I have to wonder: are we so busy reporting our every movement that we’ve lost the ability to be fully present in the moment?

I love some of the creative uses people have for Twitter. For example, cremebruleecart in San Francisco is a street vendor who brings creme brulee to different parts of the city and posts his location daily. Neat way to use the technology.

And I have no gripe with a post that says “rich, dark coffee with thick cream is just the way to clear my post-Ocars night head.” Rather than simply “coffee.”

Highlights of your day are fun to read, but I still maintain that I don’t want to know every single bite of food my social media friends eat all day. Or every insignificant stop they make on their commute. Who cares?

Still, my concern goes deeper than just boredom.

What do we miss when we reduce life, our life, to a tweet or a Facebook post?

Are we losing the ability to fully participate in life? To be there for our friends and family in the moment? To spend time alone just thinking about our experience?

Life reduced to a tweet or a post seems to me a sad substitute for the real thing.

Just askin’ the question.

One comment on “Twitter is not life
  1. mrobinson says:

    As always, you hit the bullseye. Living in the moment is hard to do. It requires active participation, active listening and attention. It means blocking out all that mental chatter going on in our head at any given moment. The constant stream of FB and Tweets is like being forced to listening to someone else’s mental chatter.

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