Two things at once & I don’t mean shots

February 9, 2024


Most of us have seen Travis Kelce of my beloved Kansas City Chiefs in his “two-things-at-once” ad. I was reminded of it the other day when I posted a query about the $200+ being charged in the aftermarket for the pink Stanley cups that are so the rage. I was interested in what people thought and I got a range of opinions.

Including this one:

It’s really disheartening to watch a bunch of people discussing a cup when women’s rights to healthcare are being stripped away every day….men who visitedEp-Stain island are still walking free while they hurt so many young women and children; but yea… omg a pink cup.The last time we focused on a cup (Starbucks) Cheeto sh*tstain got elected. Maybe we can learn that lesson. The cup isn’t important. Women not having access to healthcare, body-autonomy, and the right to not be violated by creepy old white men… that feels more important.

The responder is right. Those things ARE more important. Far more important.

But the human mind is able to hold two thoughts at once–one light and one dark. The fact that I might write a post about the Real Housewives (definitely unimportant in the greater scheme) does not preclude my ability to also write about social issues or the state of politics —or, as I did in that post, ask about something that has direct bearing on the social climate of the world we live in and younger generations.

This idea that we should only pay attention to these darkly serious matters –to the exclusion of something that might be considered silly–is not healthy.

But then again, I always hate it when people take themselves too seriously. Even as I take the world, itself seriously. And to show you just how seriously I do take it, I’m putting my money where my mouth is. Or rather, my mouth where my money is:

FREE! Honest. And discounts. All for your political action.

Since we can’t afford to lose this presidential election, getting the Blue vote out in important areas is critical. Enter a group I have donated to and done some promotion with:     This group funds grassroots efforts to get the blue vote out. It’s a really effective effort, research based and worth my time and money. It’s also worth yours.


SO–I will give the first two peoplewho donate $100 or more to Airlift and send me their receipt a free Zoom hypnotherapy session for insomnia, anxiety, relaxation or pain management. Screenshot your receipt and send it to me right away.


Anyonewho donates $50-99 can have a 25% one time discount on a hypnotherapy session for insomnia, anxiety, relaxation or pain management—or on a single order of my grief or healing products (as many items as you like) from my Etsy Shop right here.  Just send me a screenshot of your receipt. One session per customer. One time discount.


Finally if you donate $10-$50you can have a 20% discount on a hypnotherapy session for insomnia, anxiety, relaxation or pain management—or on a single order of my grief or healing products (as many items as you like) from my shop here.  Just send me the screenshot ofyour receipt. One session per customer. One time discount.
You can email me for more info and also to send a screenshot of your receipt at ccassara (at) gmail dot com.
I’m very serious about my politics. But that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy smarking on the Real Housewives. Because all dark and no light makes us all very dull people.
Oh, and Go Chiefs!
6 comments on “Two things at once & I don’t mean shots
  1. Alana says:

    We not only should hold both light and dark in our minds, but I think it’s necessary for our mental health. I follow a Ukranian woman on Twitter who lives in Kiev. Some of her posts are the war horrors and the strain of constant requirements to shelter, and others are her joys in seeing urban art or enjoying a great cup of “war coffee”. People will criticize her for feeling joy in the midst of war and I don’t understand that.

  2. Laurie Stone says:

    Everything has become political these days. Nothing seems to escape.

  3. YESSSSS Go Chiefs!!! Although we live in Florida now, we are Missouri folk!!

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