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May 18, 2016

Only 50 years ago one might assume these Portuguese homeowners were trying to contact other planets with those dishes. Because we don’t know what we don’t know, right? 

I don’t like small talk.  When I found myself sitting next to a retired fighter jet pilot at lunch in Portugal I peppered him with questions about his time at West Point, in the military, the end of the draft, the Vietnam War.

“You have more than the usual interest in the military,” he commented.

Dude, I wanted to say, I have more than the usual interest in EVERYTHING.

Later that day, our friend and traveling companion, Famous Mathematician, made a related observation.

“You’re pretty interesting,”  he said, as we walked ancient stone paths in Portugal together.

“Yeah, I know I’m kind of weird,” I responded, knowing that he’s also weird and knows it, himself.

“But you’re interesting over and above your weirdness,” he said. Well, it’s easy to see why he said that.

The conversation we were having had to do with UFOs and whether or not they are actually extra-terrestrials visiting earth from some other planet. It’s not usual conversation on a cruise.

Later that day, I realized that over a year ago, I’d downloaded an audio book on the subject. So, I spent the almost 11-hour flight from London to San Francisco listening to it. The book is UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go On the Record by journalist Leslie Kean and includes a number of credible reports written by military officers, pilots and others. Even though it’s long, it’s saved from being dry by the riveting subject matter. It isn’t often that these kinds of professionals go on the record with stories that many are afraid to tell. Why? Because they fear ridicule. Because that’s how governments have hushed up what they know.

If you think this is  just another conspiracy theory, think again. While I love me a good conspiracy theory, It’s too well-documented. To my surprise, I found that it’s pretty well accepted all over the world that most governments have kept whatever they have learned about UFOs secret, for fear we’d all panic in the streets.  I was surprised to learn that most countries have this in common. And still do, apparently, because this book came out in 2010. Have you ever heard of it? I didn’t think so.

UFOsFrance, on the other hand, has opened its files and made its process completely transparent and the French people aren’t running around in panic because of it. France is the only country to open their process and files to the public. Which is why this book is so interesting.

If the subject of life on other planets interests you, UFOs has some of the best documentation I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen a lot because I set out on my own journey of exploration on this topic about 20 years ago and read everything I could find in the library, including many declassified government reports.  Here’s an eye-opener: just about every country says that only 10 percent of UFO sightings are reported. So there are far more than we have heard about. Back in the day, before documents were declassified, heavily redacted, but still available, it was hard to find much reliable information. But this book lays out so much information that I simply had to pass it along.

The contribution to the book by a retired four-star general from Brazil was particularly notable because he said what I always say to debunkers of anything:


But don’t take my word for any of this. Take that of Brazil’s Brig. General Jose Carlos Periera (retired). And do read this excellent book.  Here’s what the general had to say in Kean’s book, which you should find, buy, read, whatever.  His words:

I think from the moment the government opens the subject to debate all the fear people have will disappear.

How do we handle the existence of UFOs?

The evidence shows that unexplained phenomena are occurring. And this leads many of us to believe in the presence of alien space craft visiting earth. However, drawing conclusions…is dangerous since we don’t’ have enough knowledge to do that.

I believe science has much more work to do in order to (identify and explain what is happening)…we need many kinds of scientists…(for this effort.)  It must be jointly addressed by many specialists and other nations: the synergistic effect of knowledge is undeniable.

I am a man devoted to science. If you present the hypothesis that extra terrestrials may be here and doing things we cannot understand, your ideas runs contrary to conventional scientific reasoning. As far as we know, our own solar system doesn’t contain life on any planet except earth.

I’m basing my ideas on the knowledge we have today achieved by science as it currently understands the universe.

UFOsThis is the caveat … if we assume only current knowledge, I am forced to reject every possibility of anyone coming from outer space to earth. And it gets more complex if we go further. Because Alpha Centauri the nearest star, does not seem to have a planet system. We move then to the portion of the universe astronomers call the inhabitable zone, which is many light years from earth.

…I would never assert that no other civilization could have advanced 1 million years ahead of us somewhere else.

I humbly insist that our current knowledge must be inherently insufficient for comprehending everything.  After learning about UFOs while in military I became clear, in fact became certain about the high level of ignorance we have about the universe, given the current stage of current human development.

The UFO phenomenon has demonstrated that we have a lot more to learn about physics and other scientific areas. We don’t yet have the final word within science and eventually we will be able to understand what is now unknown.

The General goes on to say:

Obviously an advanced people would not use rocket engines like our spacecraft sent into space… Think about it. Where we’ll be 100 or 1000 years from now?

I don’t have a problem with philosophy (helping) address the issues we haven’t been able to solve: who we are, where we came from and where we are going. Since Aristotle, human beings have been asking these same questions and we still don’t know the answers.

UFOs.The scientific investigation of the UFO phenomenon in combination with other subjects within science and philosophy might be a way to move toward those answers.

No institution has the right to close the door on the discussion of any matters, be they scientific, political, social or religious. And that includes the subject of unidentified flying objects, which I consider to be in the realm of science.

End of the General’s thoughts. And that’s just one of the contributions in this fascinating book.

Periera, like many pilots and officials, believes that all socially and technologically developed countries should stop denying and hiding and set up public efforts, joint efforts to address the subject of UFOs.

I can’t disagree with the general. Can you?

Want a little more?  Here you go. Is THIS so hard to believe? Not for me.


41 comments on “Welcome to my brain: about UFOs
  1. ryder ziebarth says:

    Actually, I’m a firm believer, as are my parents. My father was an engineer, a scientist. He and my mother witnessed a UFO in Connecticut through their home telescope. It was reported by dozens of others the same night. I witnessed my own some years later. It is unthinkable to me that human beings today think we know enough to hold forth the reasoning that we know enough….because we SO don’t! I am excited for my grandchildren and great-grandchildren and hope they will learn and see so much more than we do now.What an interesting world they will inherit.

  2. Michelle says:

    You always have the most interesting posts. They always get me thinking. I’m sure our government along with many others have many things they keep secret and probably with good reason. With that said, I’ll be sitting on this for awhile.

  3. Klauss says:

    Read it with pleasure. There really is something to think about.

  4. Carol Graham says:

    My husband has a book case of UFO books and, like you, has studied the subject for decades. He and a buddy had a close encounter a few years ago. His buddy almost passed out from sheer fear. My son and I watched one hover over our home for about 20 minutes. We were spellbound!

  5. pia says:

    When I was a little kid the only way I could make sense out of life was by believing that we’re all puppets being controlled somewhat by a being from another planet—I watched Twilight Zone a lot.

    Being a person who can’t believe in a God–just can’t; I very much want to believe in parallel universes because I think they would be so cool!

    I do believe that there are other universes.

  6. melissa says:

    You know why I love this post? Because I 100% believe we aren’t the only ones out there. My whole family has seen strange, unexplained things in the sky. It’s not scary, it’s fascinating. And I feel such a strong need to know more.

  7. Paola says:

    In my opinion there are many life forms out there we don’t even understand because they are that different from us, we are way to small and insignificant to believe truly that there isn’t something else out there. And as you say, we can handle the truth, and we don’t know what we don’t know.

  8. barbara says:

    I believe a lot of things that aren’t accepted in the day to day are possible. I have no personal knowledge so I can’t say I know it is true or untrue. On the other hand, I don’t what would prove to be that it is impossible. So I wait and I listen. UFO, Ghosts, Big Foot. I say this jokingly but I haven’t had the same experience as others so I can not judge. I don’t get excited about it but I don’t deny it either.

  9. shari Eberts says:

    Fascinating stuff. Thanks for letting us know about the book.

  10. alison says:

    You really know how to get someone thinking! 🙂 I am not sure about UFOs. I definitely think there is life on other planets but I am not sure how/if they go back and forth. I lean towards that they are like us and have found a way so this is very interesting to me. Thanks for putting some more questions into my brain this morning!

  11. My mother revealed before she died that she saw a strange fireball go across the sky in Colorado around the time of the Roswell crash. There were also some mysterious cattle mutilations near her uncle’s farm in Ramah, near Boulder.

  12. How small our knowledge base is but how large we think it is. Everything is always in a state of change which leads me to believe there is much more out there than we can even dream of today.100 years from today, young people will look back at us and wonder how we could have lived in the dark ages we are living in.I believe that they have not made contact with us yet because they know that we are not ready for such a leap in knowledge…Thefirst thing our leaders would do is to try to capture and/or kill them. sad isn’t it.

  13. Andrea says:

    I don’t know about UFO’s much in particular -but I’ve been hearing a LOT more conspiracy theories these days

  14. cori says:

    This was a very interesting post. Honestly, the first blog post I’ve read about UFOs. I’ve marked down the audio book you mentioned.

  15. Carolann says:

    I’ve been a believer for years now. It’s not hard to see there is something happening with all of the data released over the years. I agree. I don’t know why our government continues to shelter and hide us from this phenomenon. As it’s so famously stated in the X files – The truth is out there!

  16. Jacqui Odell says:

    Great post! Really does make you think, but to be honest I think UFO’s are real. It’s just simply anything you can’t identify. So it could be plane or something that you can’t see well enough to make out.

  17. Very interesting read.

  18. This is fascinating, Carol. I’m not a firm believer in such things (yet!), but a firm believer in the possibility. Am keeping my mind open… and this post pried it a wee but wider. Thank you!

  19. The book sounds interesting. Years ago I knew a guy who described an encounter, his experience, along with his mother’s, fascinated me. I have theory that we here on earth are another species version of entertainment, their TV so to speak.

  20. Fascinating. And I think the General is right. What good does it do for the government to withhold information. The doors need to open for more study of this phenomenon.

  21. Leanne says:

    UFOs and all that stuff are always so interesting to delve into – the idea that we are the only planet with intelligent life forms seems a little hard to believe and always leaves me wondering…..

  22. Ryan Sales Escat says:

    I’ve been very curious with these alien issues and to my own opinion, I think they are real. I know imagination is an unlimited world but every thing has a beginning. UFOs would never exist in the minds of humans if no one started and seen the real ones.

  23. I believe that we are not the only ones and this something that we, the human race, are not quite ready to accept…

  24. This is very interesting! I do agree that we can handle the truth. We live in such a big universe, we are pretty egocentric to believe we are the only beings living here.

  25. Lisa Rios says:

    Such an interesting post to read. I have heard many mystery stories of fireballs or scary elements seen on sky, but never had a chance to see one so far. Though it is surprising why the government is trying to hide the facts, I believe there could be some strong sensitive reasons behind it.

  26. Jessica says:

    What an interesting read. I believe there could be other living things in the universe. I believe this because I believe God didn’t just create the universe for us. Thanks for sharing this awesome post.

  27. Faye says:

    Interesting! I have NO DOUBT that there is (more) intelligent life around us, and that international governments are aware of this and trying to keep a lid on it for the aforementioned reasons. I love when credible people, such as yourself, discuss the topic – because the media seems to focus on those who may lack some credibility and therefore make the topic laughable.

  28. Rosemond says:

    How egotistical are we to think that we are the only planet with “intelligent” life? Seems a bit narcissistic to me. I always remember the quote that goes something like “trying to measure the ocean with a piece of string.” We simply don’t know enough yet to know more!

  29. It’s such an interesting and intense thing to ponder. I’ve never experienced anything myself but I don’t doubt those who say they have.

  30. Stacey W says:

    This is so fascinating!

  31. Seems like most comments lean toward the belief in UFOs. If that is an indication of society’s beliefs, then why doesn’t the government(s) just admit to all the cover ups? With all the “evidence” scientific and anecdotal, it’s hard not to believe in beings from other planets, universes, etc.

  32. I love that you became interested in and studied UFOs Carol. Your curiosity is refreshing and will ensure that you will always be interesting over and above any ‘weirdness.’ And if being committed to lifelong learning is weird, then sign me up! I have not studied this subject but I cannot believe in our vast universe that other life doesn’t or cannot exist.

  33. Silly Mummy says:

    It is a really interesting area. I personally would assume that there is likely other life somewhere in the universe. I don’t necessarily assume that we would be able to recognise it as life. Our recognition of life forms is based on carbon based life, and carbon being the only element capable of sustaining life. But that requires our knowledge and understanding of elements, etc to be complete, and I don’t think we can be sure of that. Our knowledge may be right here, but if it is not right throughout the universe and, elsewhere, other substances we don’t even know about are the building blocks of life, would they create life forms we could even recognise or understand as life?

    I have to say I am more sceptical that any alien life has come here. Particularly as people always report things remarkably similar to what we know in terms of appearance of beings and vessels. For the reasons above, I don’t know that is necessarily realistic, and makes me think it is more likely people project what they believe they would see into their reports.

    I do think it is quite plausible that your government covered something up in Nevada. I don’t think they covered up something extra terrestrial, though. & I think a lot of apparent sightings of things, whilst really interesting, can be explained. I also don’t quite see why, if we assumed that aliens travel light years to get here, and have been doing for decades and decades, they would never have done anything, made any contact, etc. What would be the point? It seems like a lot of effort!

    But who knows, really? There is a lot more out there than we can explain, so any of us could be wrong at any time! & it does sound like an interesting book.

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