If you’d like to know how unconscious racism works:

May 20, 2022

unconscious-racismUnconscious racism. I saw a perfect example in a FB friend’s post:

I’m sad that women in this country are regarded as below even a black man.”

Whoa! Below EVEN a black man? So black men are the lowest of the low?

And this from a “liberal friend.” After I noticed it (which was right away, eyebrows raised to the ceiling)  I called it to her attention and she quickly edited it without any acknowledgment, even privately.

I thought about it all day. I am certain it was unconscious. I am pretty sure she doesn’t consider black men “less than.” Not consciously.

But her subconscious thought it was an ok comparison. And as a regressionist, I know the subconscious tells truth.

So maybe we shouldn’t be so quick to say “I’m not a racist.”  Maybe it’s more accurate to acknowledge that we are not consciously racist. Because these attitudes are insidious. They sneak in because we have seen or heard messages to that effect all our lives.

And THAT, my friends, is what people of color deal with every day of their lives.

Every single day.

Now, I know what she meant. Because, look. As a woman I am well aware of status ranking in the U.S. and it goes like this.

White Men (highest rank)
Men of Color
White Women
Women of Color (lowest rank)

And yes, there IS a color bias in how status is judged in this country. How people are deemed “worthy.” And a gender bias as well. It’s fact.

Let me be perfectly clear because nobody reads any more: This is not my opinion of status ranking. It is how I see that our society ranks people. It is my OBSERVATION and NOT MY BELIEF. I do not rank people this way. Yes, it is ridiculous to have to call this out but I can’t tell you the number of times it’s obvious people did not read or even attempt to get the meaning of a hot button topic.

Oh and, yes, the penis always trumps us. We saw that when Hillary by all rights should have had the nomination Barack Obama got. And the seat in the White House. But she didn’t because of this ranking. And while black men aren’t exactly liked, women are absolutely feared.

And now, with the Roe situation, we see just where women rank.

Those were. my thoughts on the day the draft Supreme Court of the United States decision was leaked.

16 comments on “If you’d like to know how unconscious racism works:
  1. Something many of us are looking at a lot more closely lately.

  2. Diane says:

    I was raised in very accepting household, but there were just so many terms floating about in daily life that we did not understand to be hateful. If we’d just thought about them we definitely would have known! I am grateful for my youngest daughter who is very aware. She has brought me into the present day.
    Husby and I went into a restaurant (I can’t remember where!) and it was filled with people of Colour. We were the only white people there. Everyone looked at us. I asked the girl who greeted us if it was okay for us to eat there. She smiled and said, “Sure!” Everyone was friendly, but I suddenly understood what far too many people in this world feel. It has stayed with me.

  3. Laurie Stone says:

    As more people become conscious, I believe things will slowly change for the better. Look back 40 years, a black President would’ve been unheard of. I pray we continue to go forward, even if it seems at times, we’re going backwards.

  4. Bobi says:

    Well stated! And I’m with you on the “people don’t read” thing and it’s not just got button issues either. I’ve emailed or texted questions, comments, compliments and complaints to dozens of people in recent years and their replies to me have made it clear they didn’t take the time to read through the sentence or two I actually wrote. It’s maddening!

  5. Jennifer says:

    Thank you for calling that out. It’s something I try to be aware of because it is important.

  6. I experienced racism and ageism at Best Buy this week. The young black saleswoman wasn’t at all interested in helping me or answering my questions about router/modem combinations. When I told her I had a zoom call in 45 minutes and would appreciate her advice, she folded her arms and looked at me and with great enjoyment said, “Do what you want.” By the look on her face it was apparent she wasn’t going to help an old white woman.

  7. Even more of a reason to get those cranky ol’ white guys out of government. They have made racism of all types normal.

  8. Meryl says:

    Fear – an emotion politicians exploit nowadays to keep constituents in line. Fear of the ‘other’, fear of women’s rights, fear of losing control. Where it will end I have no idea, but it is disheartening.

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