Snarky but unique holiday gifts

November 23, 2014


2014-11-03 11.55.13

Silver and white are appropriate for winter holidays in western NY state. Wonder if polar bears know they are now holiday icons.

Holiday displays were up way before Thanksgiving this year, and the only time I liked it was when I was in the biting cold of my western New York state hometown. It felt appropriate then, but not home in California.  Nonetheless, as I always do in different cities, I was on the lookout for unique holiday gifts. I mean, who wants to give–or get — the same old stuff every year? Not me!

2014-11-08 21.59.34

So I saw this.  Now, I don’t know how practical it is, because cursive is quickly disappearing and it’s hard to imagine kids actually taking their eyes and hands off their computers and tablets long enough to journal in a book, but I thought it was a hopeful gift. So what is the likelihood of a kid journaling by hand? Oh, and did I tell you how much I hate the new-ish verb, “to journal?” I just hate it. But I just used it.  Anyway, if you know a kid who can still form letters with a pen or pencil between his or her fingers, they might, and I do mean MIGHT, like this.

jnl my pet peevesThis is totally unnecessary for bloggers because we use our blogs to discuss pet peeves and nitpick to our hearts’ content.  Cross this one off your list for me, friends and families.

unique-holiday-giftsBut THIS one? A great idea and maybe even a message to friends. Dysfunctions are best left to the privacy of our own journals. That’s why I like this. Bloggers, write about your dysfunctions here, to your heart’s content, and spare us those neuroses. We have enough of our own.

2014-11-08 22.18.13Who really wants to get up and sit in front of a computer during a bout of insomnia? Keep this at the beside, instead!  But don’t you love it when morning comes and you have no idea what you meant by “affordable,” “ghost-hunting,” and “hummer?”  But it made perfect sense at 3 a.m.

glass earringsI’m not sure why, but I ran into a lot of glass jewelry artisans on my visit to my hometown. In fact, I saw so much gorgeous and unique costume jewelry I had to buy some. I didn’t buy any of these, though. I just liked the display.  Cute, eclectic boutiques in Rochester.


unique-holiday-giftsBut then, this: Women, who HASN’T been in this situation? Feel free to answer that question.  A stocking stuffer that’s right for, well, a certain kind of person.  I can think of a few right off the bat.

Oh, wait. Another one:

2014-11-08 22.05.51Another useful gift. And what a great thing this is to have in your purse and pull out to hand someone when appropriate.  See, there’s no end to the good ideas entrepreneurs come up with. Practical ones, too.

tree ornamentsI love giving meaningful ornaments for those who put up a tree.  In a couple weeks I’m off to Christmas markets in Germany and will pick up a few.

2014-11-08 22.16.43I won’t be in Amsterdam, but if I were, I’d bring along this handy little change purse.

2014-11-08 22.02.22These cute coasters make great stocking stuffers. They’re not all pets, either, for those of you who don’t like animals. There are other subjects. Not that I know anyone who doesn’t like animals. Right?

store kity bestThis is an appropriate time to remind you  that buying a pet for a surprise Christmas gift is a very bad idea. No matter how cute it is.  A prospective pet owner needs to really want the pet and to be prepared to welcome it into their home in practical ways, too. Just saying. Pets are NEVER a good gift idea if you haven’t consulted with the recipient, first.

2014-11-08 22.12.27This was intriguing.  I wonder if it’s as rich and emollient as it’s supposed to be? Anyone try it? It looks luxurious.

unique-holiday-giftsFeel free to buy this for me.

2014-11-08 23.16.06And for the New Age maven on your list…these lovely candles.  Or this:

witches welcomeWitches DO need a place to park their brooms. No, it does not say bitches.

But THIS does:

could you be a bigger biatchNot very nice. But in some cases, very appropriate.

jewelry on sofa niceWhat an adorable way to display jewelry. Saw this in a tiny boutique near Park Avenue in Rochester.

cardinalThere’s just something about cardinals in winter, do you know what I mean? That pop of red, the peaked head, the black mask….

mkt olive oilThese beautiful olive oils and other condiments were at the Rochester Public Market. Consumable gifts are the way to go for those of us who are not collecting knick-knacks, like, for example, cardinals.


keep big mouthThis is sometimes a good reminder to myself. But sometimes it hasn’t worked.

its a bful dayOh, there were days I made a mess of a lovely one.

stay awa frmI’m certain you know SOMEONE who needs this as a stocking stuffer. Cheaper than therapy.

ceramic fruitI liked these ceramic fruits that would make a lovely bowl display.

unique-holiday-giftsA fun way to display unusual scarves.  The scarves are different enough to be a unique holiday gift, but the display is the thing in this photo. Loved it.

Now comes my favorite time: comment time.

be nice or leaveI saw this in a store. But feel free to leave a snarky comment on your favorite unique holiday gift selection of those I posted.  Just don’t be mean. Because those little sayings aren’t mean.

Well, not super-mean, anyway.

But really, let me know if you have a favorite among the unique holiday gift ideas I’ve presented today. Or if you ‘ve seen something even better.

Have at it!

33 comments on “Snarky but unique holiday gifts
  1. ryder ziebarth says:

    Hysterical. Thank you for taking me shopping. Could You Be A Better Blogger?

  2. Elena Dillon says:

    I could definitely use the insomnia journal for myself. Mostly I saw things I wanted. Is that bad? Lol. These were hilarious. Thanks for the chuckle so early in the morning! =)

  3. Roz Warren says:

    THANKS for the day’s first laughing fit. These are terrific. Don’t know which is my favorite — the hand sanitizers or the gum.

  4. Laura says:

    That was a fun shopping trip! I don’t buy a lot of gifts so I’m almost completely finished with Christmas shopping.

  5. What a fun list! You’ve inspired me to start my holiday shopping 🙂

  6. Carolann says:

    I didn’t know which one I liked best bc I was laughing so hard! I adore them all. Hysterical for sure. I have to share this post today lol

  7. Karen says:

    My pet peeve? People who are obsessed with their own dysfunctional behaviour. Also, that glass jewellery is so pretty! 🙂

  8. Diane says:

    That ceramic fruit is MINE! And the witches parking sign. And the snarky last sign. And . . . oh, just let me get my basket . . .

  9. Snarky fun. Easy to get lost in stores that stock up on these sorts of items, lost in time and lost in thought…thought of who needs what and why! Very funny!

  10. Ahahahahaha! Of course, my favorite two were #6 & 7. Thanks for the morning laugh.

  11. Haralee says:

    I enjoy funny things as gifts while still performing a function. Who doesn’t need some hand sanitizers! Those are great.

  12. This is going straight to my kids. I want most of them!

  13. So funny, Carol! I love your sense of fun and play with gifts. How long did it take you to find and take photos of all of these? Priceless.

  14. Ruth Curran says:

    Thank you for several bust out laughing moments! I need to hang the last sign outside of both my house and my office. Maybe hang it above my car or wear it….

  15. Donna says:

    Oh my….could you be a bigger bitch? I mean, of course, not you….the gum. So funny…I am so glad you gathered everything together for us to choose from!!

  16. OMG these are hilarious! I can totally think of people to give each of these things to!

  17. Laurel Regan says:

    I wish I actually knew people who I could buy some of this stuff for! Love it.

  18. Lana says:

    Loved every single one! Thanks for the laugh. May have to look into those journals…

  19. Janie Emaus says:

    LOL! I loved them all. And matter of fact, my grandkids love journals.

  20. I was thinking of people these would work for all the way through. Kind of has me worried about the people I know!

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