How to send a unique Valentine

January 8, 2021

Send a unique Valentine with love to your mama, your sister, grandma, bestie or your true love — a little stunning art they can enjoy for days. The day we celebrate love is coming up and never has there been more need for love than this Valentine’s Day.

This month over at A Healing Spirit, we offer two gorgeous, hand-poured options: a Valentine themed candle (which customers love) OR if you’re not into the hearts and flowers thing, we offer a pretty motif with flowers only.

send-loveBoth are so pretty! The one up top is the Valentine theme and the one on the left is florals only.

As always, no two are alike.

I use soy wax. Eco-friendly, and only the highest quality fragrances are used with no harmful phthalates. The candles smell yummy and look even more delicious. Folks mistake them for desserts all the time! (But don’t eat them!)

If you can’t manage fragrances, order an unscented version.

Flowers embedded in the wax are from my garden in northern California. The stones are powerful healing and connection crystals. And we can customize!

All Valentine candles are 8 ounces and the glass containers may be square or round, depending on what is in stock.

If you’re spending more time at home (and who isn’t, these days?), these make your home smell wonderful. And of course, they are beautiful.

You choose the scent!

Orange Cream
Pina Colada
Black Cherry
Pink Lemonade
Tropical Coconut Mango 1

This candle comes with a free gift tag if you specify one, just give us a message of about 10-12 words.

The order window is open until January 25, and then it will close again for a few months while I focus on another project. So grab your little bit of pretty now for yourself — or send love to someone you care about! Shipping starts February 1 by priority mail.

Order right here.

Remember, be sure to burn and enjoy your candles….they’re more than just lovely ornaments!

4 comments on “How to send a unique Valentine
  1. Diane says:

    Carol, these-and you-are so amazing!

  2. Your candles are so beautiful.

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