Unspoiled, untouched Lake Louise

October 4, 2011

We arrived at Lake Louise yesterday afternoon. We’re at the Chateau Lake Louise, a Fairmont property with a 100+ year history, growing from a small log chalet in 1890 billed as “a hotel for outdoor adventurer and alpinist.” Our travel agent got us a small corner room with this lake, glacier and mountain view out of one window and an equally gorgeous view from the other. This is the only shot I took with my phone and it still gives you the flavor of our best view.This morning finally dawned, well after 7a.m. and very rainy. The clouds hung low over the mountains and the view had changed a bit. That’s the thing about the mountains; a different view with every movement of the clouds and sun.Nonetheless, we took a wet stroll around part of the lake after breakfast, enjoying the glacier. Our ride on the Icefields Parkway yesterday took us past glacier after glacier, some huge and some small. I didn’t realize just how much glacier remains in North America. But they’re dwindling fast, thanks to climate change.
Every view of the glacier is lovely. More than lovely: sensational. Overwhelming.We were going to take an aerial ride for even more spectacular views, but the clouds helped us delay until tomorrow, when the sun is forecast to appear. This is the first really drizzly day we’ve had. We would’ve loved a longer walk around the lake, but it was just too darn wet!

Are there bears hiding in yonder woods? The answer is YES. We’re told to hike in groups of four, which reduces the likelihood of a bear encounter. The odds would not be with us in an encounter. The bear is my totem and I’d love to see one, but at a safe distance.The path not taken appears below–it was just too rainy and damp. But it’s beckoning, so maybe if the rain lets up, we’ll take another walk.Lake Louise is glacial melt, so the water appears blue from the rock flour (silt) that’s part of the runoff.A reminder that people travel with pets. Our petsitter reports that our two boys are doing great.
The sweet little stream on the video below is on the hotel property. Just like with waterfalls, half of the beauty of a stream is in the peaceful rushing sound. “Peaceful rushing” sounds like an oxymoron, but in this case, it isn’t. Enjoy.

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