Every women should know ….

December 8, 2016


My mother never talked about menopause. She appeared to slide right through without a single symptom that she mentioned–or that I saw.

When I hit my late 40s, I noticed that my interest in intimacy had disappeared– something that was very out of the ordinary. Fearing something was wrong, I saw my GYN.

“You’re in perimenopause,” he told me, “and you may experience some other changes, as well.” He then gave me the complete rundown.

I was horrified that I’d known so little about this stage in life and how it could affect me. How it WAS affecting me. I swore then that I would do all I could to tell women friends coming up behind me about what to expect.

Last summer I sent some info I’d seen about perimenopause and menopause to a couple of 40-something friends. One thanked me.

“Menopause?” said the other. “I can’t even think about it.”

She’ll have to, soon enough, and better to be prepared and equipped with helpful information that can minimize the effects of those normal hormonal changes that can affect intimacy. And of course, help women feel like themselves again.

So when Vagisil asked me to consider a post about their new product, ProHydrate Natural Feel gel I was happy to look at the product they supplied me and was glad I did.

The name says it all. “Natural Feel.” It’s more than a lubricant—it’s a moisturizer used to relieve dryness any time, including in advance of intimacy. What’s great is that it’s formulated to feel like your own moisture. That’s because it’s got a naturally occurring hydrator found in skin—hyaluronic acid—so it feels like your own natural moisture. With age, the amount of this natural hydrator in our skin decreases, which can lead to dryness and also fragility.

That’s right. Sensitive tissue becomes more fragile and can even atrophy. That was quite a surprise to me, and makes having an effective product even more important.

Vagisil ProHydrate Natural Feel works instantly and then slowly releases moisture over time. No added perfumes, dyes, preservatives or estrogen. It’s been clinically tested and cleared by the FDA. Its single-use, pre-filled applicator is easy to use and discreet. Only you know you’re using it.

I thought I’d slide through menopause easily, just like my mother and for the most part I did. Except for these natural changes. I’m talking about them to younger women and making sure they’re prepared with information about hormonal changes, and this new product: Vagisil ProHydrate Natural Feel.

Check out this hilarious animated video about vaginal dryness! 

How about you? Are you experiencing hormonal changes? And are you talking to women coming up behind you? Comment below to win a $100 Gift Card!

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56 comments on “Every women should know ….
  1. Useful information–it’s amazing how unprepared many women are for menopause–and how confusing, and often scary, the conversation can be.

  2. Bren Pace says:

    Hey Carol,

    At 48, I’ve been seeing some changes. However, my sexual drive has escalated. Whereas my hubs has declined. But there are other things that are changing so it’s great to know there are viable options out there for us. Great article. Meno can be a scary thing for some women. I just want to know when I’ll get to the other side and let Aunt Flo kiss my arse! 😉


  3. Robin herman says:

    Vaginal dryness was bothering me every day, not only when having sexual relations (btw intercourse should not be painful- see a vaginal physical therapist- yes they exist- if products don’t help enough)
    I regularly use a moisturizer there

  4. Thank you for this, Carol. As you know, I recently had a hysterectomy and the changes that I know are coming have put the fear of God in me. Of course, mom never mentioned anything about it, but I know it’s coming like a freight train. I really needed to know about this product! I’ve been dealing with this even before the surgery. https://twitter.com/rm29303/status/806915739051429888

  5. Nina says:

    Very informative post. Hopefully I have a good 10 years before I have to go through this process. 🙂

  6. Good information to know for future reference and to teach my daughters in the future as well. Ty for sharing !

    I’d love to win the sweepstakes during this holiday season to be able to give back even more to someone who needs it

  7. Jacqui Odell says:

    Thanks for this information. I would just talking about this issue with my friend the other day!

  8. I can count on you to bring some much-needed laughter and a few useful facts.

  9. You are right! Nobody talks about this and we should!

  10. Andrea says:

    Well, fortunately I am past the stage of menopause – well past it- but the vid was definitely different….

  11. Annie Owen says:

    I’ve been dealing with dryness and sensitivity for years and thought I’d have to get an expensive prescription product. I just found Vagisil online and ordered it – delivery tomorrow. Yeah!

  12. Deanna says:

    This is great. My mom didn’t talk to me about anything. I want to be there for my daughter for all of life’s changes.

  13. Jess says:

    Thank you for talking about this! This has become such taboo everywhere when its just natural. I dont get it… But great and funny post, I love these kind of blogs. ANd your blog is so PRETTY 😀

  14. Amber Myers says:

    I’m glad you’re open about this. It’s some important info to know!

  15. Crystal Gard says:

    Sounds like a good product for those experiencing this

  16. tara pittman says:

    I have had dryness for quite some time. That is the only symptom that I am experiencing at 51

  17. sue says:

    I managed to get to almost 60 without too much trouble Carol but lately things have started to dry up – physically not mentally. This type of product is so helpful however I don’t think many women actually realise there are products like this to enable you to still enjoy sex and intimacy during and after menopause. Thanks for writing about it.

  18. Meghan says:

    Thank you for being so open about this subject!!

  19. Amy Jones says:

    Thanks for sharing this! I bet theres so many women that could need thisa

  20. Vagisil is a great product. I’ve been dealing with vaginal dryness since menopause started seven years ago.

  21. Holly says:

    I’m post hysterectomy but still have my ovaries so I’m told I will still experience all the symptoms. Thanks for all the info but this is definitely not something I’m look forward too. Uggh

  22. Sheri says:

    A nice informative post. I think a lot of women do not think about menopause until symptoms start appearing. I think we should inform ourselves prior to.

  23. Athena says:

    Very informative and since I am 49 – very timely for me. Thank You

  24. Tyler says:

    Awe wow I absolutely love this post. I’m becoming obsessed with love in all of it’s forms and trying to spread as much as it, it’s really what the world needs right now, especially for women!



  25. candy says:

    Every woman respond different but we all seem to experience dryness. Glad you are getting the word out we don’t have to suffer, there is help;

  26. Elizabeth O. says:

    Women age differentlt, others are doing well, while others need a little help. I think it’s nice that we have this for support.

  27. Dana says:

    It’s fascinating how often people don’t talk about things important to a person’s long-term health and happiness. Thanks for sharing this information. I imagine it has helped a lot of people.

  28. I’m only 36 right now, but I know these are things I need to know about in the near future. Thanks for the info!

  29. Liz Mays says:

    It’s great that this can help bring the natural, healthy moisture back.It sounds super easy to use with the applicator!

  30. Chloe says:

    I hopefully have a good 25 years before this starts to happen but thanks for making me aware of what to expect! It never stops for us women does it haha

  31. Emma white says:

    I’m glad you have highlighted this as I know many women hate to talk about it but I agree it’s always best to be prepared. This product sounds really good and helpful to women who have reached menopause, I will definatly be telling my friends about this 🙂

  32. Vera Sweeney says:

    I am not looking forward to menopause! I am glad there are products that are making the transition easier.

  33. Wren says:

    I think it is always better to be informed about things. I do not want to be completely surprised and freaking out on my own.

  34. Myteenguide says:

    This is great. My mom needs these vagisil. She is now on her menopausal period and I think using this will help her.

  35. Good information to share with others who may have similar issues. Some people aren’t aware that dryness is not a normal thing.

  36. dana vento says:

    Very interesting and useful products for all women. I need to have this to keep mine hydrated.

  37. Kathy says:

    This is some really good information here. I’m not looking forward to going through this at all. I think my mother said a while back that she was going through this.

  38. Christina Aliperti says:

    I am 39 now so I wasn’t thinking about this until my mom reminded me that she started having symptoms in her early 40’s. I guess it’s time for me to get prepared.

  39. I love how open and honest you are, its true Menopause does create problems like vaginal dryness. Vagisil sounds fantastic.

  40. Rosey says:

    I had a hysterectomy and didn’t take my hormones like i was supposed to. They said I’d go into menopause instantly but I didn’t, thank goodness. I’m hoping that stays true. 😉

  41. Ashlea says:

    My mom is going through menopause blah. Definitely experiencing several symptoms.

  42. It’s great that more and more people are writing about menopause because it doesn’t have to be so taboo. Definitely useful info to know for the future.

  43. Fiona says:

    Great information. I’ll keep it in mind for when that time of my life comes.

  44. Brandi H says:

    This is very important information that every woman should know. I haven’t hit menopause yet but I know it’s coming fairly soon. I already feel like I have some of the symptoms. The night sweets are awful. Thanks for sharing all the info and having a sweepstakes. Good luck to everyone!

  45. Kimberly c. says:

    The things us gals go through is incredible. Menopause sounds like no fun and I hope that when my that time comes, I’ll just sail through it. Thx for this informative post that gives me an idea of what to expect.

  46. Jen says:

    Very useful information. I’m not yet 40 but this sure could help once I’m on that timeline…. Thanks for sharing

  47. Karlyn Cruz says:

    Thank you for sharing this informative post. It is important to talk about this matter. I will share this kind of product to my friends. Great read.

  48. You always open my eyes to something new. Thanks for giving us this information.

  49. Dana Vento says:

    Great read for every women.So helpful information and the product looks so effective and safe to use. I will keep this in mind.

  50. Misty Dawn Nelson says:

    What a great post and I’m so glad that you share this information, I will tell this to my friend too

  51. oh thanks so much for sharing this and being so open. it doesnt happen to me a lot but it has happened before.


    Oooo lots of great info here!! Glad to here there is something like this out there for women

  53. Jessie C. says:

    I am not there yet but eventually I will. Thanks for sharing these great information.
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  54. elizabeth says:

    I am not to this age yet but it is good to know.

  55. Jessie C. says:


  56. Natalie says:

    I am not quite at the age to experience a lot of hormonal changes, but I know that my time will come soon enough.

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