Vision mapping

January 31, 2009

I knew Tampa had hit rock bottom this morning when I saw our local cable channel interview Paris Hilton at Jackson’s last night. She, and tons of other celebs, are here for the SuperBowl. (As I write, it’s really football weather–38 degrees. In Florida.) Traffic is just craziness. So it was only fitting that my partner and I closeted ourselves all day yesterday in St. Pete to participate in a Vision Mapping seminar.

Some 120 of our precise target audience–mid-life women– attended and our objective was to produce a Vision Map for 2009. A vision map is a collage that is a visual depiction of what we want to happen in all areas of our life–family, health, work, relationship, etc. At the center you place something that represents God or Source, from which everything else emanates. The idea is to focus your intentions.

I first encountered vision mapping last April at a self-care weekend outside of Asheville. I recently went over my vision book from that weekend with my partner. The first thing we noticed was that opening page, where I’d pasted “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Which is the same concept we have on our cards and on our website–it’s the theme of or workshops.

There are no coincidences.

The photo is a small piece of the vision map I began yesterday but haven’t finished yet. It can take hours and hours to find the right stuff and put it in the right places. This exercise used Feng Shui’s Bagua as our format.

We went to get ideas for our business–and had several opportunities to discuss our new business. Just about every woman we talked to wanted to attend! Not kidding–just as we thought, sans business plan, there is demand for what we are doing. We know this intuitively and now we know it empirically.

Our next challenges: writing it. Pricing it. Then implementing.

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