Visualizing the mind of God

August 15, 2010

The power of visualization is well-documented.
Just ask any world-class athlete.
Visualizing perfect athletic performances is now part
of every athlete’s training program.

It’s also part of the fight against diseases of all kinds, including cancer,
and a way to support a balanced and healthy life.

And on this lovely Sunday, if you’re so inclined,
try this relaxing visualization exercise Marianne Williamson offers.

Imagine an angel pouring a pitcher of light over your head.
The light is a liquid gold elixir.

It enters your brain and travels down through your body, enters all your organs, your bone, your muscles, your blood, your skin.

It enters every cell and every cell is revitalized drinking deeply
of the spiritual nourishment entering into you
from the mind of God.

2 comments on “Visualizing the mind of God
  1. Bradley harwood says:

    Imagine a liquid sun pulsating. That is your mind of God that is in you. And yes, I have experienced drinking deeply of the spiritual nourishment entering me from the mind of God. I have experienced liquid fire of the Holy Spirit flowing in me in many colours gracefully.

    • Bradley harwood says:

      “Hearts of fire creates love desire” – Having the Mind of Christ. – “And God breathed the breath of life, the breath of the Spirit into his nostrils and he became a living soul with feelings and emotions that makes us in his image and likeness.

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