Who do that voodoo?

June 2, 2016

First, I need to make clear that these are not voodoo candles. That’s because all of the voodoo images I found were fairly unnerving. Or too small. That’s all I’ll say.

So where to begin? In 1991 I went to New Orleans for Mardis Gras with six gay guys and another straight woman. I was there 10 days but could have stayed way longer because it was way fun. But those stories are for another post. Today, I want to talk about something I did on that trip.

I visited a voodoo shop, where I bought a voodoo doll.

It stayed in a box for a very long time. Like, until last month. That’s when I brought it to my framer and asked him to do something with it.

This is what he did:
voodooHe built a box, lined it with linen (which you can’t exactly see) and mounted it.  I know, it’s a terrible picture, partly because if I shot it head on I’d get a reflection and partly because I didn’t have time to spend an hour fiddling with the camera.

However. If you look really closely just below the left lower jaw, you’ll see a pin. Fortunately it’s not stuck in the heart. Wrong side.

Here’s my problem: I do believe in spirits and all that stuff, and I believe it a lot more deeply than I did in 1991.  So now I’m worried that hanging this voodoo doll in my house is bad ju-ju. Or voodoo.

What I’m hoping some of you more knowledgeable about all things voodoo than I will say is that this isn’t a voodoo doll at all, it’s merely a piece of art representing a voodoo doll.


Because I really don’t want any bad ju-ju in my house. But I think it’s a cool piece. And now that I’ve posted it, I can’t exactly give it away.

And it wasn’t cheap to mount.

So what say you? Who do that voodoo?

36 comments on “Who do that voodoo?
  1. Robin Masshole Mommy says:

    I am fascinated by voodoo. I don’t practice, but it’s one of those things that I would definitely like to learn more about.

  2. If you purchased it in a voodoo shop it may have actually been blessed by a practicing priest or priestess. Voodoo is a way to celebrate the natural. It’s Hoodoo that’s dangerous. Since you believe in all things spiritual why not remove the pin and place it to the side? It’s the pin that activates the power they say.

    • Great idea,thanks!

    • Terresa Lewis says:

      I second this suggestion entirely! In both eastern and western belief systems, such items hold power. Whether it’s positive or negative depends on intention. I would recommend removing the pin with the intention of the doll representing wholeness and wellness. This should remove any negativity that it might otherwise inspire. And, if in doubt, sage it.


  3. Carolann says:

    I’d sell it at a yard sale or give it away. Voodoo gives me the hebegebees!

  4. Stephanie Ortez says:

    I don’t know much about voodoo dolls or anything of that nature, I like the doll, you could create an art project with it. I hope you can find more information online.

  5. Jen Becerril says:

    I have no clue what I would do with the doll.I have heard and read some pretty crazy stories about it.Good Luck with that:)

  6. You might wait until you come home and decide then, Carol. When you see it hanging on your wall, your gut reaction will be your answer.

  7. tara pittman says:

    I have no clue about voodoo. It is a creepy looking doll.

  8. Well, voodoo isn’t exactly my thing, but I appreciate the time that it takes to make such things. I want to visit New Orleans some day soon.

  9. My son and I are fascinated by voodoo. we were doing some research on it last year.

  10. Amy Jones says:

    Well I need to accept the vodoo doll is kinda intriging…but I’m just like you, I don’t know if I would like to have it hanging in my wall hahaha

  11. Elizabeth O. says:

    I don’t really know much about Voodoo dolls other than they are creepy. It’s framed nicely though, so I suppose you can choose to hang it or put in on a shelf.

  12. Taty p says:

    I try not to believe.. I know it sounds weird.. But I will say that I don’t think I would have even purchased one.. Take the pin out and keep it as art.

  13. Not sure I’d want that in the house….how about the garage??

  14. Klauss says:

    I am a materialist, so can not talk about voodoo 🙂 But the doll looks cool

  15. Sojourner says:

    You should consult Sallie Anne Glassman(google her, she’s pretty well known), a vodun practitioner in New Orleans. I’m not sure what power a voodoo doll has if their is no malicious will directed toward it, so you may be fine. Doesn’t hurt to double check.

  16. Echo says:

    When I was in New Orleans, I visited a Voodoo Museum, a Voodoo shop and the Voodoo queen’s resting place. It is a fascinating practice. I think that because you have never used the Voodoo doll that there wouldn’t be any bad ju-ju attached to it.

  17. Pamela Kuhn says:

    I love the idea of a framed shadow box. Maybe you could peel the doll off and put something special to yourself in it. My daughter put her wedding tiara in one and it’s full of memories for her.

  18. Jolleen Ruiz says:

    Yeah so voodoo is definitely not my thing. But I mean it’s cool that you kept something from a memorable, fun trip 🙂

  19. I don’t know anything about voodoo! But its all very interesting to me, and I know some wives tales that are pretty cool stories!

  20. She Joh says:

    I love that you found a way to display your voodoo doll but to be completely honest, he kind of scares me! I love that you bought one though!

  21. I’d be scared to hang it. Now that you have, you for sure can’t give it away lol

  22. Lexie Lane says:

    Yikes, I am not into voodoo dolls. I find them a little bit creepy!

  23. Danne Reed says:

    I can’t imagine my house with voodoo stuff. I am not afraid to it, it’s just that I am not used to such stuff.

  24. Nicole Escat says:

    I have seen voodoo stuff in our country everywhere. It is one of the fashion trend teens usually have.

  25. Nikki Jenner says:

    I think voodoo dolls hung on the walls are completely strange.But I think, it’s a little bit cool!

  26. Anna Nuttall says:

    Hi there, what I always thought of interesting with Voodoo is – the voodoo with the dolls and sticking pins and needle in was invented (if that’s the right word) by Hollywood and real voodoo does nothing like that. I be scared if I see a voodoo practice for real. xx

  27. to be honest i dont do the voodoo thing. i would be really scared to hang it. My beliefs wont let me take part in anything of that nature. but i hope everything turns out great for you.

  28. Jenjen says:

    I might give it away to any who wants it

  29. Scary stuff! i believe in spirits and all that but i will not hang a voodoo doll around my house.

  30. aurora says:

    Those are creepy. lol I thought that the beeds you used were the ones from the rosary. I was going to freak out for a second. lol

  31. this is such an interesting post. It kind of a “taboo” topic for me. So glad I learn something today

  32. Smh! This is crazy and scary at the same time,you never know what can happen…

  33. Interesting post! I don’t really believe in voodoo or all that black magic stuff. I do find it fascinating though

  34. voodoo is awesome i’m researching parts of it for my upcoming novel. This post was awesome and a really cool mount.

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