Vulgarity is not comedy

January 25, 2016

VulgarotComics reached a new low at the Golden Globes the other week when comic actress Amy Schumer told the viewing public in a televised interview that her vagina itched.

I decided to check the meaning of wit: quick and inventive verbal humor.

Quick? Ok, that’s quick.

Inventive and humor? Not so much.

She reminded me of little kids being naughty, like when they say things like “Poop! poop! poop!”

It wasn’t wit and it wasn’t even funny.

It was vulgar.

Comedy today is really in the toilet. There seems to be a great deal of pride taken in being able to say penis and vagina out loud and for some reason, some people consider that funny. In my family, those terms were said out loud regularly, but as descriptors, not as childish humor.

I don’t know why it would be considered funny to say on TV that one’s vagina itched. Silly and childish? Yes. Funny, No.  Appropriate? Not at all.

Say what you will about Lenny Bruce’s blue humor, but he was a social critic and satirist. There was some intelligence behind the shock value of his humor.

I’ve never been a fan of Amy Schumer, to begin with. But she pretty much cemented that attitude with her immature comment at the Golden Globes.

As the Dowager Countess once said, “Vulgarity is no substitute for wit.”

It’s no substitute for real comedy either.


40 comments on “Vulgarity is not comedy
  1. Parul says:

    Oh I agree. Comedy has to be neat and witty. Vulgar never fits the bill.

  2. Alana says:

    I so agree with this entire post. I haven’t watched TV comedy (except for Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, and Stewart has “retired”) in years. Sounds like it will be many more years before I do so again. I can appreciate “blue” humor but not just because the person can say it. There has to be context, and it has to be clever.

  3. I completely agree. I am disappointed in the new lows our society reaches every day and a lot of it stems from Hollywood… and what an example they set. To hear your sentiment was refreshing. Those of us with old fashioned thoughts and ideas need to speak up. We already seem outnumbered just because we are not loud.

  4. I also agree. I am not a big fan of comedy anyway unless it is a light romantic comedy. I could watch those all day. Love your photo!

  5. Mindy Trotta says:

    I agree. I usually find funny, most of the things that my kids do, but I just don’t get Amy Schumer’s “funny.” Recently saw her movie that everyone raved about. It was okay, but not the raging yuck-fest that everyone under the sun claimed it was. Your analogy that her saying “vagina” is like little kids saying “poop” is so spot on. It’s definitely more for the shock value than anything else. If someone like Tina Fey can be funny without being vulgar, what’s up with Amy?

  6. Carol Graham says:

    Total agreement here. As my hubby often states, “You always know someone’s intelligence when they open their mouth.” Amy may think it was funny but it was low-class, inappropriate and plain stupid. Another thing I don’t understand is some of the big name comedians who have to resort to vulgarity and constant swearing in their stand-up gigs. Are they so insecure that they think they will grow their audience this way? We have been terribly disappointed when paying to see/hear them and it feels like we are in a public restroom.

  7. Agreed! I didn’t find it funny in the least.

  8. Thanks for speaking out, Carol…about one reason I never watch anything but PBS.

  9. Karen Austin says:

    Agreed. I appreciate humor that doesn’t go for the easy dirty joke laugh. It’s lazy humor to refer to sex or poop. Jokes that rely on an allusion to literature, history, or current events are more amusing to me.

  10. Katy Kozee says:

    Amy can be funny, but she too often just throws in words just to prove that she’s willing to say them, I think. And you’re right, it starts to sound like she’s just saying the words to say them. That’s nothing like Lenny Bruce – or my personal favorite, George Carlin – who used their words as social commentary.

  11. Everyone has a different sense of humor for sure. But you’re right, sometimes vulgarity is just unnecessary.

  12. In another life, I represented stand-up comedians. My son did stand-up for several years before he met the love of his life and decided to settle down. That said, women have had a very tough time breaking into the business. I’m not a fan of her schtick but I admire Amy Schumer for standing up for women’s rights in a man’s world, especially in that world.
    No one used the word vagina in comedy better than Betty White, who said, “Why do they say grow some balls? Balls are so sensitive. Grow a vagina. They can really take a pounding.”

  13. Shilpa Garg says:

    I agree with you. Comedy should be funny and there isnt any need for any vulgarity or profanity in it. But sadly the latter is more popular these days.

  14. andrea says:

    a LOT of the humor today – i would consider it “blue” – i would not watch any of it

  15. Beth Havey says:

    Carol THANK YOU, you nailed it. Should we start a revolt? Some say punning is the lowest form of humor, but punning requires word play. I think the vulgarity and the throwing f-bombs around just shows you how really low some people can go. Being truly comedic requires a brain–some of these folks like Amy S. just hunt up nasty ideas. That’s not humor. LONG LIVE THE DOWAGER COUNTESS.

  16. Really? I don’t watch Award shows and very rarely watch anything with a lot of cursing except for maybe…well that’s a story for a different day.

  17. Haralee says:

    With Amy I always time her on how long it is before she mentions her vagina!

  18. Totally agree with you. The best comedy is clean comedy.But sadly, I think my opinion is outdated.

  19. Michelle says:

    It really isn’t a substitute for wit…but I do so love the ‘F’ word. I get a great deal of satisfaction and release using it. At least I can say that I rarely mention my vagina. Except for this comment and MAYBE a few other times. haha.

  20. Liv says:

    I love downton too.

  21. Linda Roy says:

    I don’t get the buzz behind Amy Schumer. I’ll take the clever wit and genius of Key & Peele, Bob Odenkirk, David Cross, classic Carlin.

  22. Estelle says:

    I usually love Amy Schumer, but that is ridiculous. I actually like a lot of her feminist stuff. I saw a show with Whitney Cummings the other day and she was far worse.

  23. Mary says:

    I agree. I use to love watching comedians, not so much any more.

  24. Jennifer says:

    I love all types of humor from a sly double entendre all the way to potty humor. Amy is a sexual comic and she’s a feminist who is pushing boundaries that people are uncomfortable with. Amy discussing her vagina was one of the less offensive things said at the Golden Globes, but we’re holding her up to have a less offensive mouth and not even discussing the vulgarity that came out of the mouths of Ricky or Jonah or several other men. And that is why she needs to keep doing what she’s doing.

  25. BellyBytes says:

    Completely agree with you. Sadly no one gets humour unless it is grossly vulgar and often disgustingly so. True wit reflects a sharp mind vulgarity doesn’t.

  26. Carolann says:

    I love the Countess! Everything out of her mouth is priceless. That quote is so right on Carol. I agree totally. I never can laugh at any comedian who curses constantly – it’s just not funny!

  27. Dogvills says:

    Yup, I think this is vulgar. I like it when it’s funny and witty at the same time.

  28. Lee-Anne says:

    Toilet humour used to be the sole domain of naughty children seeking attention. It seems that some of them never grew up!

    Vulgarity is definitely no substitute for wit. If you need to be vulgar you are probably not clever enough to be witty…..

  29. Jonathan says:

    Amy’s comment certainly was not funny. I think people confuse wit with anything low life these days. Vulgarity is just plain frustrating and has no place in such an event. That’s just my two cents of course!

  30. Mardene Carr says:

    Tell me about it…..I was just saying the same thing the other night. I do not find vulgarity funny at all.

  31. janice Wald says:

    Good for you Carol! I love this! So happy with your Facebook social shares. I laughed at your last line but agreed with your post. I think, sadly, you and I grew up in a different age. Thanks for bringing this to the Inspire Me Monday Linky party.
    Janice, your hostess

  32. janice Wald says:

    Guess what, Carol. You won the Inspire Me Monday linky party! Congratulations! I am featuring you on my site tomorrow!

  33. Silly Mummy says:

    Yes, I agree. I think people do sometimes come up with some really funny vulgar humor, but the key is that there has to be something clever to it, something more than the vulgarity. When people rely on the idea that vulgarity is automatically funny, so saying anything vulgar, for no particular reason, will just be funny in itself, they are usually wrong.

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