It’s got to be a wakeup call

July 10, 2020

No need to wait for the wake-up call–it’s already rung in.

It’s always so bizarre and really, a wake-up call, to talk about Trump with people who get their view of our world through Fox. Or, as those who understand what news really is, call it: Faux News. 

More Trump supporters than I thought possible lack critical thinking skills. Even those I once thought had working brains. Often, they don’t recognize that they are the very people Trump and his policies victimize. 


Some of this is fear-based. Fear is an effective motivator, even if it’s unwarranted–not based on anything real, just some distorted view. Especially then. Fear is why some people are arming up. Some fear Black people.  Or anyone different. AnyTHING different.

And there are those–especially “the haves”– who fear losing what they have. Even though they have more than enough.

My wake-up call has been the exposure of unmistakably stark differences in world views. The way I look at the world around me might have been different had I not left my insular hometown and culture so young and if I’d not taken the opportunity afforded by divorce to leave the small southern town that was my next stop for California. And then stayed here.

Some of us are born with it

But maybe I wouldn’t have been any different than I am today. Maybe I came in with this outsider’s view of the world around me and that sense that I was a stranger in a strange world and the rules made no sense.

So maybe this is a wake-up call for the country. Maybe for the world. Maybe we had to see what it would be like to have a complete moron whose every utterance is a lie in the Oval, to see our entire democracy threatened in this way.  To turn over the rock and expose vermin to the light.

Maybe we had to feel the life and death threat of a pandemic to expose people whose thinking is warped and whose actions are self-centered at worst and ignorant at best.

I have alway believed the Universe works in mysterious ways. Maybe this is all intentional to get us to wake the F up. And to not hit the snooze button.

There must be a purpose for this.


4 comments on “It’s got to be a wakeup call
  1. Diane says:

    I firmly believe there are NO coincidences. That everything happens for a reason.
    I think we needed this wake-up call. The world needed this wakeup call. WE are destroying our earth. We are destroying each other. We needed to turn over that rock. And it needs to stay turned and the light to shine on the vermin until they dry up and blow away.
    And the only way they will do that is to keep that light (knowledge, common sense, empathy) focused!
    Wonderful post, Carol!

  2. Laurie stone says:

    I believe that consciousness is lifting, not in everyone, but enough to start making a difference. Maybe Trump was the catalyst we needed.

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