Walking on a glacier

October 3, 2011

This morning we drove the Icefield Parkway en route to the Columbia Icefield, a huge glacier that we could actually go out on.Here it is:I have way too many photos of the glacier, so they’re randomly presented. Really stunning.
From the Icefield Centre, we took a bus to the glacier, then got on an Ice Explorer, which took us on to the glacier center. The wheels were five feet high. Same vehicle used in Antarctica. They cost almost a million dollars each, and the newest ones have wheelchair lifts. (Canada does it right.)We were lucky enough to have the Rastafarian explorer. (below)We felt like Ice Road Truckers. The tire tracks are huge: For scale, here we are on the ice (above). It was cold and windy. And slippery!

The blue is not really the color of the glacier. The stuff in the water absorbs the longer color ranges, only the short get refracted. That’s blue. Or something like that.
It looks like a lake, right? But it’s 1,000 feet deep and thankfully, frozen.

Just amazing. We were warned to watch for holes in the ice, and crevasses. In the US, we’d probably never be allowed out on the ice, but here in Canada, we’re treated like grownups.
However, one woman stepped in this hole.

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