Could it be ADD?

August 27, 2010

Except, I really did see a chicken next door earlier this summer.

Two, even.

They WERE there.

They’re just not there now.

2 comments on “Could it be ADD?
  1. Anonymous says:

    HAHAHAHAH that was funny but my Mom has it! What a pain in the ass ADD in adults is. My mom will even interrupt herself while she is talking more than once! I can rarely get a story out of her that makes sense at times!

    This is a typical conversation with her…I will start out talking about what I did last night at a party and I get about three words out and then she interrupts me to say “oh not to interrupt or change the subject but…do you know what I did with the pair of pants you hung up?” OMG WHAT KIND OF QUESTION IS THAT! How could I possibly know what YOU did with your pants!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHHAHAHA thank GOD I do a lot of Yoga and work out at the gym each day!

    She actually signed us up for family therapy, I showed up by myself and she was not there. I asked the therapist about it…then I called my mom to ask her if she was on her way she said “there is nothing wrong with me you go…you need help.”

    I wish that I was making this up I am not! So the therapist admonished me and told me I needed to be more concerned about my mental health and not my mom’s mental health so I got up and left boy was I pissed! I mean who goes to family counseling by them selves!

    Well we are doing better thank GOD just this morning my 74 year old Mom was in the kitchen stir frying tofu to eat…and asking me to purchase some edamame (raw tofu beans) so that she can enjoy some. She knows about the Buddha and quoted it once to a group of her born again Christian friends in her swim group at the YMCA and was soundly admonished. Here was her quote…”you need to be more like the Buddha, not so stressed out…relaxed.” She was promptly told that Buddha was EVIL hahahahaha. My poor Mom it must be hell to be her. Got to love her though ADD and all. 🙂



  2. I also come from a sorta crazy family. I think it makes life way more interesting! Your story about Buddha had me rolling on the floor laughing. And if you couldn’t laugh about the therapy story you’d just have to kill yourself, you know? I have so many family stories myself and couldn’t laugh for the longest time. Then I realized it was the key to survival. Ah! Now they all just make me laugh.

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